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Weekly Two-Way Radio Deals and Outdoor Gadgets & Gear Deal

We all love our outdoor gadgets – and many of us rely on them as essential pieces of our kit. And, we all love a good bargain. That’s why we’re bringing you a roundup of our best weekly deals on two-way radios and other awesome outdoor gadgets. Why Digital Nerds? Well, aside from our amazing deals and general all around fabulousness, we offer a no-quibble 100% money back guarantee and an impressive 45-day returns policy. […]

MS355R Hunting Two Way Radio

Best Two Way Radios For Sports Events – Buying Guide

In large crowds of people, it is very easy to lose track of those who we are with. Whether it be family friends, relatives, business associates, or any other groups of people, it can be difficult to keep track of where we are and where others are. This is especially true when it comes to sporting events. Baseball games, football games, NASCAR races, and other sporting events garner some of the largest crowds out of […]

The Four Midland Radios I Tested

The Best Midland Two Way Radios For Camping, Hiking, Boating, Fishing or Just Playing Fetch With Our Dog

If you have ever used two-way radios, you have probably heard of the company Midland. They became well known in the 1970s for making CB radios, but have kept with the times and now produce many high quality communications products, including Midland Two way radios. With over 50 years of experience under the belt, it’s no wonder people have come to know and trust the Midland brand. In fact, that’s why I got my hands […]


Best Two Way Radios With NOAA Weather Channels – Buying Guide

In the great outdoors, plans can change in a moment’s notice. It is difficult to form any sort of expectations regarding the world around us, and we have to do our best that we can make quick, swift adjustments when change occurs. One of the more volatile aspects of the world around us is the weather. That’s why two way radios with NOAA weather channels are some of the best gadgets you can equip yourself […]

GXT1050VP4 Up to 36 Mile Two-Way Radio

Best Two Way radios for Camping & Outdoor adventure

There is nothing like being out in the wild. The great outdoors makes everything seem better. Whether you are going out for a hike, hunting, boating, skiing, fishing, or anything in between, becoming one with nature is just a more healthy option than any other activity.That is why we enjoy our outdoor excursions, but even when we are away from civilization, we might come across situations where we need to keep in touch with our […]

Uniden GMR5099-2CKHS Water Proof Two Way Radio

Best Five Waterproof Two Way Radios for Camping and Outdoor Adventures

Today, we have become so reliant on our cell phones for communication and we view cell phones as the primary method of contacting others. While cell phones may be effective when we are at home or at work, they are most likely useless when we are on a camping excursion. Whether it be in the deep forest, in the mountains, or anywhere else we adventure, cell phone service is essentially non-existent. This is where water […]

Getting some of the radios ready for my testing.

The Best Motorola Two-Way Radios And Walkie Talkies

If you are looking for absolute best Motorola two-way radios your hard-earned money can buy, look no further than the MU350R Talkabout Radio. With tons of features and a price tag of just over $100, this radio stands head-and-shoulders above the rest. I didn’t come to this conclusion lightly, either. I used five different radios for dozens of hours in different environments and conditions. The MU350R shined in every scenario and situation I could throw […]

Motorola MT352R Two Way Radio

Motorola Talkabout MT352R Two Way Radio Review – 35 Mile Range 22 Channels

Summary of Motorola MT352R Two Way Radio The Motorola MT352R is a high quality and high end two way radio system which is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a rugged and strong method of communication and doesn’t mind doing a little bit of extra legwork for it. The unit is very sturdy, heavy, and made to last. With that being said, nothing is sacrificed in terms of usability. Transmission is good on […]

Vortex Razor HD Binoculars

Top 5 Hunting Gear Essentials Which Hunters Can’t Live Without

  Every hunter has their most favorite hunting gear essentials, stuff they would not even think of camping in the jungle without. On every hunting gear essentials checklist you’ll find a weapon of choice (usually a arrow and bow or rifle and ammunition) in addition to communication gadgets like cell phones and two way radio and survival essentials like water and food. Whether you’re a first time hunter or an seasoned hunter, there are deer […]

MOTOROLA 35-Mile Talkabout® T480 2-Way Radio

First Look at Motorola T480 35-Mile Talkabout Radio & Using T480 for Emergency Preparedness

  As kids you might have played with walki talkies or two way radios. Now day’s two way radios are available in different ranges and capabilities and many of them provide FRS radio services which can be used by families and outdoor enthusiasts without requiring any FCC license. The Family Radio Service (FRS) is an improved walkie-talkie radio system authorized with 14 channels in the United States since 1996 and each channel has a bandwidth […]

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New to Digitalnerds!! Start things off right with 10% OFF & Free Shipping .Shop Outdoor gear,Hunting Gear & Camping Gadgets.