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Midland GXT860VP4 42-Channel GMRS Pairs

Midland GXT860VP4 42-Channel GMRS Two Way Radio Review – Vibration alert & NOAA weather radio

Summary of Midland GXT860VP4 The Midland GXT Pro 860 is a mid-price general mobile radio service (GMRS) two way radio that features 42 channels for communication and a NOAA weather alert system. It also sports a 36 mile range, which is a surprisingly long distance for such an inexpensive radio system. For what it is, this two way radio is wonderful. Everything seems to work the way that it is meant to, though some of the functions do […]

Brunton Restore USB Solar-Powered Electronics Charger

Brunton Restore USB Solar-Powered Electronics Charger Review

Pros • Unit can be charged via USB as well as solar. • Comes with a USB > mini USB cord and an adapter for micro USB as well. • Includes a 12 volt adapter to charge the unit with a running vehicle. Cons • Instructions seem to be for a different unit altogether. • Charging with the solar cells takes a bit too long. • If it is exposed to heat for too long […]

PowerPadd Apollo 2

Buying advice – How to select best solar chargers for camping and round up of best solar chargers in the market.

Solar Chargers 101 The great outdoors is far from being invulnerable to the merits of modern technology. These days people are capable of using technology not to ignore the experience of being outdoors, but to enhance it. Outside of simply enhancing the enjoyment of an outdoors experience electronic devices have also increased the overall safety aspect of exploring the great outdoors and nations’s popular camping grounds. The main flaw with electronic devices is of course […]

Etón SCORPION Rugged, Portable Multi-Purpose Digital Radio with Crank Pulled Out

Eton Scorpion Review – Multi-Purpose Digital Radio with Crank Power and Weather Alerts(NSP100GR)

Summary Of Eton Scorpion The Eton Scorpion is a multi-purpose solar powered digital weather radio which is perfect for any set of camping gear. It is meant to take the mantle of a number of different items and be used either in an outdoors or an emergency situation. In those ways, it is highly functional. It operated exactly how it is supposed to and, in fact, has a number of interesting hardware features that are […]

Uniden walkie talkies

Top Ten Ideas to Make Camping Fun (with Camping Gadgets)

So you’ve decided to take the family camping, maybe this is the first time ever, or maybe you are camping experts. For the first timer you may be considering what you will have to do to keep the trip fun and enjoyable. For the expert camper you may be considering spicing the trip up, adding something new and interesting to the routine. Well we have the cool camping gadgets to add a little bit of […]

Eton FRX3 Weather Alert Radio in the box

Eton FRX3 Weather Alert Radio Review

Summary of Eton FRX3 The Eton FRX3 is a hand turbine AM/FM/weather alert radio with a slew of other functions that may come in handy during a time of emergency or during your camping trips.It sports a number of functions which make it useful for what it is, including a smart phone charger (via USB), a hand turbine for charging an internal (but removable) Ni-MH battery unit, a functional radio, and a flashlight. There is also […]

d. light S300 Lantern

The Top Ten Gifts For Campers – Cool Camping gadget Gifts

So Christmas is right around the corner and you maybe considering what to get the outdoor’s enthusiast on your list. If you are not personally into camping, hiking, or hunting this may make finding the perfect camping gadget gift a bit difficult. Luckily I am here to give you the top ten gifts for the campers and outdoor’s enthusiast close to you. 1.d. light S300 Lantern So for the outdoors folk looking for a multi […]

The Energy Flux hand warmer

The Top Ten Hand warmers for Cold Weather Camping

Keeping warm is the key to staying comfortable during those winter camping trips. Whether it’s to the winter cabin or the wide open outdoors with nothing but a tent between you and the cruel mother that is nature. Keeping your hands warm is keeping warm one of the most critical body parts. They are most often exposed to the elements and their small size retains little heat. Using a good hand warmer will allow you […]

Black Diamond Storm

Top 5 Headlamps for Camping -Essential Camping Gadget

So why a headlamp? Why not just buy a traditional flashlight? Well flashlights are great and I always suggest having one on any camping trip. That being said a headlamp allows the user to be completely hands free. This makes it much easier when forced to do camping chores like collecting wood, digging a latrine, or simply connecting an RV. A headlamp offers a hand free option for a flashlight and should be included in […]

ECOXGEAR Bluetooth EcoStone Speaker

New Addition to Our Coolest camping gadgets – ECOXGEAR’s Bluetooth EcoStone Portable Speaker

If you are looking for 100% water proof and durable Bluetooth speaker, then ECOXGEAR’s Bluetooth EcoStone Portable Speaker fits the bill. This is not one of those water resistance speakers which are sold as 100% water proof speakers in the market. This will bring your camping party to new levels while other campers desperately look for some entertainment .EcoStone speaker is must have camping gadget to enjoy the good tunes in all types of weather conditions. […]

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