Advantage And Disadvantage Of Digital Camera

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Everything has an advantage and a disadvantage. And so are the digital cameras. Even if they represent the evolution and they have to be seen as a god thing, which they are, they also have some minuses about which we are going to discuss in this article.

The first thing that comes in our mind next to the word evolution is the fact that the digital cameras are the future and they are leaving behind the film cameras that have been used by years and years. So, let’s proceed and see which the advantages are and which the disadvantages are.

Advantage And Disadvantage Of Digital Camera (Source:

Advantage And Disadvantage Of Digital Camera (Source:


  1. First of all and also the biggest advantage is the fact that we save time and we can make a bigger amount of pictures on these digital ones. You no longer have to wait to process the film and risk to damage it. You just take the picture and then the next thing that you do is to put in on your computer. Nothing bad happens and you can edit it if you want thanks to all the programs that exist nowadays and you can also print them if you want to have pictures just like the old ones.
  2. The second advantage is that you have lots of functions that help you and that are now available, such as face detection, night vision, motion detection and so on, depending on the camera model. These features make the photo better and they allow the photographer to take pictures on night too with almost the same quality as on day.
  3. Speaking about functions, the video function is a feature that the majority of digital cameras have. This is a great advantage because you can record and also take pictures on the same camera. It is just awesome. But this can’t be found on those professional cameras that are only designed for pictures.


  1. Because everything works with energy, these small gadgets also consume. And you may say that the old ones were also working on batteries. The fact is that these new digital one need more energy in order to use all those functions. And this is sometimes expensive when you need to make many pictures.
  2. Another disadvantage would be the price that is higher for the digital cameras. They do more so they cost more. But for those who are truly in love with the pictures this is not a barrier.
Advantage And Disadvantage Of Digital Camera (Source:

Advantage And Disadvantage Of Digital Camera (Source:

As you can see, there are good parts and bad parts, the idea is to realize the fact that technology has reached a higher level and it continues to evolve day by day.