Android Smartphone Crash; What Should I Do?

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Android smartphones are, in my opinion, the best choice when it comes to value price but being a rather new community and with devices that run on Android each and every month it becomes harder and rather useless to try to solve some issues that appear months after a device was launched. Smartphone manufacturers create more and devices with all sorts of Android based operating systems and that means the best way to make sure that your smartphone is error free is to wait for several months after it has been launched before you buy it. That is because after a couple of months people already found out many bugs and errors if that’s the case so you have a wide palette of options. You can go for the smartphone you wanted or try another one that had proven itself reliable and bug free.

Andriod  Smartphone (Source:

Andriod Smartphone (Source:

I say this because I rushed in buying such a smartphone and last night, one of my Android based smartphones posted an error and never run after.

You may ask how the error occurred. At one point the smartphone asked for my Facebook account password. I said well, who knows what I did and it requires the password again. Anyway, this smartphone only accesses the Internet through Wireless because I have bought the device with an Internet subscription with 10 Mbps per month included. So I entered the Facebook password it required, it logged on beautifully, I watched some timeline, I commented on some statuses, I liked some photos and that was kind of everything. Meanwhile, the smartphone started to synchronize the phone book with Facebook. The Wireless network I was connected to was the local McDonald’s ( I don’t know whether that’s relevant ) but what is certainly relevant is that at some point the internet connection was reset and as a result the device stopped the synchronization.

Andriod Smartphone (Source:

Andriod Smartphone (Source:

And the network started working again the smartphone simply blocked. The picture message it showed was saying “Sorry! Process system is not responding”. And that was it! The smartphone was dead.
I can’t say what model the smartphone is but what I can say is the fact that 2 weeks ago it didn’t have gingerbreak on XDA – Developers. So, what should I do in this case? The phone is irrelevant as this is mainly an operating system failure. I await replies from users that suffered from the same error.