Android Tablet running slow even after removing many apps which I am not using any ideas?

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I have a android tablet running Android 4.0.4. It has 2 Gb internal storage and only .5 GB is used Still my Android seems to run slower and slower. Like there is some invisible folder consuming the storage I have already uninstalled a few apps which i am not using , but this does not seem to help. Anybody has an idea what is happening and how to improve the performance of the tablet

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Asked on July 20, 2014 11:01 pm
Category: Tablets

I encountered the same problem with my tablets. We have one TF101’s and a TF201 at home which i use it for office use. and my TF101 has gotten so slow it wouldn’t connect to my wi-fi networks. After deleting all of the home wi-fi and rebooting the tablet helped me to get back onto my network. Some other tips to try are

1.Try changing the router channels to see if it improves your tablet speed.

2.Re booting the tablet very often might help.

3.Turn off auto syncing features and mail sync and see if it helps.

4.make sure any system updates have been downloaded and installed properly. Then reboot your tablet and try connecting to the network again.

5.Remove all the unwanted and unused apps.

6.Clear any cache or downloaded files.

7.Use simple wall papers if you are crazy about wall papers.Do not use over loaded animated wall papers which will really slow you down..

8.sign out from apps which runs in the back ground and sends push notifications ..etc

9.Use little widgets as possible which uses less memory.


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Answered On July 26, 2014 3:24 am
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