List of emergency kits and emergency gadgets to carry when camping

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If a disaster strikes your camp ground or the park,you will not have access to food,water and medical help.How to pack a emergency kit with right gadgets and gear when going for camping ?

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Asked on December 15, 2014 9:23 pm
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The following list covers the bare essentials one need to carry for any emergencies when going for camping.

Food and Water

Water—one gallon per person, per day or water purifier which purify the water of harmfull bacterias and minerals.
Food—easy-to-make and won’t spoil or ready to eat meals
Manual can opener


Battery powered, solar, or hand crank radio
Cell phone with chargers and portable solar chargers to charge your electronic devices
Extra batteries

Health and safety supplies

First aid kit
Medicine (7-day supply),maps of near by pharmacies other medical supplies, and paperwork about any serious or on-going medical condition
Emergency blanket
Soap, toothbrush, and other personal care items
A multi purpose tool

Other important Items
Family and emergency contact information
Multipurpose tool
Copies of important documents such as insurance cards, immunization records, etc.
Extra cash around $200 to $500
Paper Maps of the area
Extra set of car keys and house keys

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