emergency camping tent testing

Best Emergency Camping Tents – Review of Four Top Tier Emergency Shelters

Have you ever had a dog come through the side of your tent and make their own door? Have you heard that sickening sound of a tent ripping under the stress of a paw and claw? Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed emergency shelter to get through a night in the woods? Do you have a solution for this? In a survival situation you need to shield yourself from things […]

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi Tool

Best Muti-tool for Camping That Will Actually Make Your Camping Trip Better

What used to be an obscure tool for handymen and hunters, the multitool is riding the wave of EDC popularity. Now, exponentially more people have a multitool in their pocket than every before. This means the market is pressed to create better and more innovative tools on a regular basis. For the last month we have been testing four of the best multitools on the market. These models vary considerably but they all fall into […]

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