Canon EOS 7D 18 MP Camera Review – Surprisingly Smooth Pictures with 3-inch LCD

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The Canon EOS 7D digital camera has considered more of an entry-level camera more than anything, but it features so many professional features that experienced photographers will find it just as versatile. Canon sells their camera with a 28-135mm lens, which is quite good for a starter camera (and you can’t beat the price either). Keep in mind that it tends to sit on the heavier side for a digital camera.


Here are some of the more prominent specifications associated with this digital camera:

  • Sensor Resolution: 22.3mm x 14.9mm
  • Megapixels: 15.1-Megapixel CMOS
  • Magnification: 1.6x Magnification
  • Sensitivity Range: ISO 100 to ISO 3,200/12,800
  • Continuous Shooting: 6.3 Frames Per Second
  • Viewfinder: 95% Coverage
  • Autofocus: 9-PT AF
  • Shutter Speed: 1/8,000 to 30 Seconds
  • LCD Size: 3-Inches (Fixed)
  • Battery Life: 640 Shots (Approximately)
  • Dimensions: 5.7” x 4.2” x 2.9”
  • Operating Weight: 29.8 Ounces

    Canon EOS 7D digital camera.It features new 18.00 Mega Pixel APS-C size CMOS Sensor and Dual DIGIC 4 image processors
    Amazon selling Canon EOS 7D for $1,299.00 & FREE SHIPPING


Depending on where you purchase it, you’ll be able to find the Canon EOS 7D digital camera for sale for around $1,499. This is a hefty price tag for a digital camera, so it’s best that you read the following review thoroughly to ensure that this is a purchase that you want to make. Granted, used models that are still considered like-new generally cost a lot less, hovering around $1,000 on average.
General Overview – What Should Photographers Expect From the Canon EOS 7D Digital Camera?

Compared to previous models, the Canon EOS 7D hasn’t undergone any radical changes in its design, although a few subtle changes have been made to help increase the overall satisfaction that photographers experience while using it. For example, the digital camera’s new viewfinder is very good. It is both bright and big, and features an overlay grid (which is optional to use). The Canon EOS 7D is also a comfortable camera to use, mainly because of the bigger eyecup that it provides.

Canon EOS 7D digital camera

Canon EOS 7D digital camera.Features:Sensor Resolution: 22.3mm x 14.9mmMegapixels: 15.1-Megapixel CMOS
Magnification: 1.6x Magnification
Amazon selling Canon EOS 7D for $1,299.00 & FREE SHIPPING

Extensive Variation of Buttons

There are a large number of traditional buttons (some familiar, some not) that come available on this digital camera. Some of the more common ones include drive mode, autofocus, white balance, flash compensation, metering, and even ISO sensitivity. It’s important to note that with this model digital camera, some of these buttons might be too foreign, or too difficult to find. However, if you don’t mind adjusting yourself to the EOS 7D’s button settings, this probably won’t be much of an issue.

A complaint that some photographers have is not being able to differentiate the various buttons by feel. Plus, the illumination buttons tend to be quite small compared to the other ones. Again, this boils down to personal preference, photography style, and hand/finger size. To compensate for this, Canon did do an excellent job at making their control panel extremely user-friendly and appealing to all levels of photographers.[wpbp_blocks set=”pentax-k-5″]

Plenty of AF Options to Choose From

With the EOS 7D digital camera, Canon went from only a few AF options to having more than enough. This is something that veteran photographers are really going to come to love. You will have the ability to choose between 19 different AF options. For instance, the “Zone AF” will allow you to define several different points of an image and emphasize them towards the center, bottom, top, or sides of the AF area.

Perhaps the bulk of this camera’s design lies in its focus tracking capabilities while in continuous shooting mode. In order to achieve the best results while shooting, it is imperative that photographers choose the right AF choice for that particular picture. Although the camera provides more than enough micro-adjustment tools for further capturing premium photos, you’ll find that most of these won’t be needed that often.

As a result, having them all bunched together in a single area can be a little confusing. However, if you’re a versatile photographer who constantly changes up your shooting style, these are some features that you’ll definitely want to take advantage of. The camera’s solid interface will allow you to minimize confusion while taking pictures on the fly, while its “Live View” mode will provide you with three popular AF options: Quick AF (faster phase detection), Live Mode (contrast AF) and Face Detect Live Mode AF. Each of these can definitely come in handy, while is what helps make this digital camera so versatile.

Canon EOS 7D digital camera

Canon EOS 7D digital camera.Perfect Camera for action : Capable of shooting upto 126 large jpegs with a UDMA CF Card and 15 RAW at 8 fps .
Amazon selling Canon EOS 7D for $1,299.00 & FREE SHIPPING

Premium CMOS Sensor (18-Megapixel)

One thing that you will probably like about this digital camera is that it provides a top-tier 18-megapixel CMOS sensor. This makes capturing high resolution images easy, and will also allow you to crop images to make them larger without worrying about sacrificing detail. Another major factor to consider is the amount of reduced noise that you’ll experience. This means that your images will come out surprisingly smooth.

The camera’s Dual DIGIC 4 Image Processor is designed to capture, process, and save images at lightning fast speeds. The Canon EOS 7D has to ability to process images that have been shot at 8 frames per second at 18-megapixels quite easy. It offers Face Detection Live Mode, which will help you better center in your portrait shots, as well as additional features like full HD recording, lens peripheral optimization, and even an auto lightning optimizer.

A Great Camera for Shooting in Dim Light

With its variety of helpful settings, the EOS 7D provides you with the ability to shoot from dawn all the way to dusk without comprising the quality of your photos. This can be achieved with the camera’s ISO 100-6400, which is also expandable to 12,800. Plus, with an optimization on high-sensitivity, and a low amount of noise, shooting in situations where it would have only been possible with flash is not as easy as pointing and shooting.

8 Frames per Second of Shooting (Even For Larger Files)

The EOS 7D digital camera is capable of shooting up to 100 to 125 large JPEG photos with its 8 frames per second shooting mode. The camera’s high-quality electronics, combined with its speedy shutter and instantaneous response time means that you can capture each second of a moment in perfect quality.

Rapidly occurring shots, like people running won’t come out blurred or blotchy, which is one of the finer points associated with this camera. While this camera is ideal for anyone, it’s even more perfect for sports photographers or photographers who take a lot of action-based shots.

“Advanced Movie Mode” Allows Photographers to Use Manual Exposure Control

Another advance feature that comes with the EOS 7D is its “Advanced Movie Mode” feature. It’s arguably the most advanced moving capturing camera functions available today. Note, this isn’t a camera that shots only video clips. It will offer enhanced images that are backed by smooth frame rates and rich adaptive exposure – something that will really come in handy when you’re searching for a professional movie-making tool.

By shooting with this camera’s relatively large camera, you can take advantage of being able to capture each individual characteristic of a shot. In addition to this, you can choose from several different frame rate modes, as well as different recording sizes. The camera’s “Live View” feature will provide you with plenty of opportunities to edit your video in-depth, while the camera as a whole will provide you with a lot of manual control of your exposure settings.

Over Compatible 60 Lenses with the CMOS Sensor

The camera’s relatively large CMOS sensor is compatible with more than 60 different lenses, providing you with more than enough shooting flexibility. And all of this is as easy as the push of a button. The EOS 7D is a digital camera that is known for having its Movie Recording and Live View levers right at hand, as well as its start and stop buttons readily available so that you can begin shooting videos or taking photos at the blink of an eye.

There are three different recording sizes to choose from when in Full HD Video mode. They include: 640 x 480 (which can shoot about 50 pictures per second), 1280 x 720 (which can shoot about 50 pictures per second), and 1920 x 1080 (which can shoot about 25 pictures per second). All of your movies can be saved as a .MOV file, and can easily be viewed with an HDMI output. Overall, it is this kind of convenience that you simply can’t find with similar cameras on the market.

Wide Viewing Angles in “Intelligent Viewfinder” Mode

In the Canon EOS 7D’s Intelligent Viewfinder mode, you will be able to capture 100% field of view, combined with wider viewing angles. In this mode, you will be able to experience 1x magnification, as well as a 30-degree angle of view. The camera also features an LCD display that is newly-designed and transparent. It will enable you to find any number of displays at the simple touch of a button.
Note that some cameras will come with AF points that are relatively static, but with the EOS 7D, you will be able to adjust or hide them with ease! When shooting, this equates to more clarity, less distraction, and a better overall image. Some of the display options include hide all, AF points display, grid, dual axis electronic display, and even spot.[wpbp_blocks set=”olympus-interchangeable-3-0″]

19 High-Quality Cross-Type AF Sensors for Maximum Customization

The Canon EOS 7D comes packed with some of the most useful technological upgrades that you’ll be able to find in a camera. It offers 19 high-quality cross-type AF sensors, each of which can be selected through manual or automatic means. This is a camera that is designed to handle even the trickiest of situations in which focus in a problem. Its high-speed microcomputers utilize advanced algorithms that will help increase AF performance, even during challenging shooting conditions.

In addition this, the camera’s light source detection AF will provide the added benefit of allowing photographers to automatically compensate their focus by taking all artificial lighting into consideration. The camera will then make the micro adjustments needed for a clear shot. The camera also provides an intelligent macro focusing track that will help track movements when you’re shooting from a closer distance, ensuring that your focus on an object never gets lost. Overall, the EOS 7D will adhere to any situation, and provide reliable focus each and every time.

There is definitely something about AF-point capability that photographers are going to be sure to love. They will be able to register AF point in as a default, scheme, or even zone. These are functionalities that are sure to come in handy when taking photographers. Combined with the fact that your settings are going to be saved, you won’t need to adjust time each time that you use it. If you don’t set these slots up yourself, they’ll simply come equipped with the 19-point area AF setting that comes with the camera.

Some Canon EOS 7D Trouble Shooting Tips:

The battery pack does not recharge – What to Do ?

The battery pack does not recharge. If the battery’s remaining capacity is 94% or higher, the battery will not be recharged. Do not recharge any battery pack other than genuine Canon Battery Pack LP-E6

The charger’s lamp does not blink – What to Do 

If the internal temperature of the battery pack attached to the charger is very high, the charger will not charge the battery for safety reasons (lamp off). During the charging, if the battery’s temperature becomes high for any reason, the charging will stop automatically (lamp blinks). When the battery temperature goes down, the charging will resume automatically.

The LCD monitor does not display a clear image.How to Solve it.?

If the LCD monitor is dirty, use a soft cloth to clean it.?In low or high temperatures, the LCD monitor display may seem slow?or might look black. It will return to normal at room temperature

The built-in flash does not fire.Why?

If you shoot continuously with the built-in flash at short intervals, the flash might stop operating to protect the flash unit.


This digital camera is very fast, and will provide photographers with high-quality photos. Its flexible autofocus system, as well as its large viewfinder also make it simple to use. The Canon EOS 7D digital camera also offers wireless flash control as well as a streamlined interface for increased user functionality.


One of the downsides associated with the Canon 7D digital camera is that it contains a few hard-to-feel buttons, and only accepts a single card slot. There have also been some complaints about its “Live View” focusing being a little too slow. Finally, for bracketing, this camera is only limited to three shots.

Bottom Line

If you’re searching for a reliable, budget-friendly, and premium mid-range camera, then the Canon EOS 7D is definitely it. It comes with all of the shooting modes that you should ever need, will save your favorite shooting settings, and will even help you track moving objects while taking shots. This is one reason why the camera is better designed for people who take a lot of images that revolve around movement, action, and even sports.

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