MIDLAND ER102 7-Channel Emergency Crank Radio with AM/FM/Weather Alert (Black & White

Portable Weather Radios Buying Guide – Top Ten Things to Consider When Buying Portable Weather Radios

If there is one piece of camping gear that is required all over the world, regardless of the tie of the year, it is probably a weather radio. The weather, as everyone knows, can be extremely variable and, especially when you are out in the wilderness, it can be extremely important to keep track of what is going on so that you can make plans and stay safe. That, of course, is where a portable […]

MG160A Talkabout two-way radio.

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Two Way Radios for Kids

Everybody likes to use two way radios. Some people think that it makes them seem like a spy or a law enforcement officer. Some people go camping or go hunting on a regular basis and need some method of keeping communication with others when their cell phones are not working. Whatever the case, it is time to admit that two way radios are both fun and necessary when you are going to be outdoors or […]

Top Ten Two Way Radios for Hiking and Buying Tips for Choosing the Best for Your Hiking Needs

When people decide that they are going to begin a regime of hiking or camping, they tend to also go on a spending spree during which they try to find some of the most exciting or cool camping gadgets and two way radios that they can in order to make themselves feel as though they are a bit more invested in the hobby. With that being said, it can be a significant burden on people […]

Two Way Radio 101: Operating Guidelines for Using Two-Way Radios During Camping and in Emergencies

Many people, when looking for cool camping gadgets, will opt to purchase a lot of fancy consumer electronics or will spend all of their money on things they believe they should have while leaving out things which can play a very important role in survival. The fact that we all have cellular phones which have the capability to act like computers and GPS devices makes many people forego purchasing new devices for communication. Two way […]

SOG EOD multi tool

Camping Checklist for Cold Weather Car Camping

Here is our extensive list of items you should bring with you on your next winter camping trip. This camping checklist is compiled for all types of campers, from the beginner who is not quite sure what to bring camping to the seasoned veteran. If you would like to customize our Cold Weather Car Camping list,you can print it out and add, delete or modify some items to suite your taste and interests. COLD WEATHER CLOTHING […]

Hybrid Light’s Solar Flashlight HL 120

Top Ten Survival Gadgets to Survive in the Outdoors

Survival is a big deal these days and a booming industry. Survival gear and gadgets is a broad category that covers the important items for long term rule without law(Zombie apocalypse), or short term situations (Hurricane Katrina, Sandy) or immediate situations (Car crashes, being stranded in the woods). The market is booming and a lot of gadgets are out there to help you make it through your desperate situation. The following list provides 10 survival […]