Mini Laptop – Apple MacBook Air (11-inch, Summer 2011) Review

In today’s article we have a look at the 11-inch version of the MacBook Air that Apple launched last summer. This new version of the Air comes with better CPUs, a backlit keyboard, Thunderbolt I/O port and Mac OS X Lion. However, it still lacks an SD card, while the storage and memory configurations are limited. When it came out, the starting price of this model was $999 for the version with 2GB of DDR3 […]

Mini Laptop – Dell XPS 13

In today’s article we talk about the latest iteration of the Dell XPS 13 that is now available on the market. Even though the title says this is a mini laptop, the correct category in which this model fits in is the ultrabook segment. As a matter of fact, we are dealing with the very first ultrabook launched by Dell. The company is a little bit late in this segment but the good news is […]

Mini Laptop Reviews – Samsung Chromebook Series 5

If you like staying up to date with the latest gadgets and news coming from the technology domain, you will probably appreciate the Samsung Chromebook Series 5 which is an appealing and affordable mini laptop that has been designed mostly to keep its user connected to the Internet. If you prefer using web-based applications like Gmail and Google Docs instead of Microsoft Office, this is truly an interesting method to stay online. Aside from this, […]

HP Folio 13

In the second part of last year, HP launched the Folio 13 ultrabook which is heavier and thicker than the Apple MacBook Air as well as other ultrabooks that came out in 2011. Even so it still manages to be thinner than any regular laptop and comes at a lower price tag in comparison to its rivals in this segment. The starting price for this model is $899 while the following configuration will set you […]

Mini Laptop Computer Reviews – Lenovo IdeaPad S205

In the opinion of many people, the best sub-premium netbook launched last year is the Lenovo IdeaPad S205. This is a very good example of an ultraportable that comes at a decent price tag and has some pretty interesting hardware specifications, similar to those that the HP Pavilion dm1z has, another top performer in this segment. Even though the Lenovo is about $100 more expensive than the HP, this difference might not be that important […]