Brunton Restore USB Solar-Powered Electronics Charger

Brunton Restore USB Solar-Powered Electronics Charger Review

Pros • Unit can be charged via USB as well as solar. • Comes with a USB > mini USB cord and an adapter for micro USB as well. • Includes a 12 volt adapter to charge the unit with a running vehicle. Cons • Instructions seem to be for a different unit altogether. • Charging with the solar cells takes a bit too long. • If it is exposed to heat for too long […]

PowerPadd Apollo 2

Buying advice – How to select best solar chargers for camping and round up of best solar chargers in the market.

Solar Chargers 101 The great outdoors is far from being invulnerable to the merits of modern technology. These days people are capable of using technology not to ignore the experience of being outdoors, but to enhance it. Outside of simply enhancing the enjoyment of an outdoors experience electronic devices have also increased the overall safety aspect of exploring the great outdoors and nations’s popular camping grounds. The main flaw with electronic devices is of course […]