Deer Hunting Tips When Using Two Way Radio

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Before the deer hunting season, you need to spend some time arranging your gear and going through the hunting check list to make sure that you have everything and purchased the gear that you needed for this gear. Aside from the above, you need to aware of the deer hunting tip when using the two way radio to increase your odds of success. In this post, we compiled useful tips which you can use effectively to increase your efficiency and find success. Please keep in mind that Know you can’t use two way radios to tip on game in certain states and please check you local state laws on using the two way radios during hunt.

When using walkie talkies remember that they should be used as hunting tools not quite as mobile phones. A great number of hunters use radios to enjoy nonproductive conversation while you are on deer stands. The majority of hunters do not realize that by doing so, there is a good possibility deer will hear the voice and get away from the area entirely. And make no mistake deer can listen to the talking even if both the hunters are whispering. Also, talking to a friends on a two way radio is like talking to somebody while driving your vehicle.

Motorola Talkabout MS355R Walkie Waterproof Pair Set 35 Mile Two Way Radio Camo with Base

Motorola Talkabout MS355R Walkie Waterproof Pair Set 35 Mile Two Way Radio Camo with Base

You are not able to pay full attention to what you are supposed to be doing during the time hunting. It will not require a deer long time to slip by undetected while you are on the radio asking your buddy. If you are on the radio instead of paying attention to the hunt, the answer inevitably will be no.

Color of the radio is nothing to with the performance of the radio and purchasing the radio with camouflage coloring will help you blend into the environment and most of the popular hunting radios comes with camouflage design.The following popular models comes with camo coloring.

To do away with unnecessary movements, use clip on speaker or head set with mike so you do not keep bringing the unit up and down your mouth. Deer can pick up such motion from quit a distance away. Put together that with the noise they hear from static and clicking and your voice and you have just tipped the chances more in the deer’s favor.

When utilizing radio keep volume and squelch controls in their lowest levels. Whenever you must talk with the hunting partner ,just click the talk button 3 times to suggest you will have to talk with him and this particular sound is lower and very discreet than constant whispers originating out of your hunting coat or back pack. Only talk on the radio only if you would like to tell something important to your hunting partner and try to keep all discussion brief.