Flickr – Dead Or Live And Ticking?

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I'm very awry about a post of an American photographer, Thomas Hawk, who thinks that Flickr “is dead”, meaning that it is exceeded by time and competition. The blame for this should be Google + which is indeed a successful photo viewer and offers unlimited storage on the Picasa Web platform for images that do not exceed 2048 pixels. The truth is that, although the site developers never came with the novelties lately because of the premises not so good at Yahoo Flickr is already very much in front of any other competitor. No photo sharing site or social network can compete with Flickr. Sure, Facebook boasts more photos than Flickr and it's only a matter of time until it will be passed by from this point of view by Google + too.

Flick (Source:

Flick is dead ( Source: )

The photo function of social networks stops at sharing the photos. But that is where the sharing stops. And if for the average user of Facebook that is enough, enthusiasts and professional photographers need more and that’s why Flickr has so much success and will be long until any competitor will surpass this advantage.

The main advantages that Flickr offers are the following 4 that I find most needed: unlimited storage space and bandwidth, many functions for organizing and processing, sets, collections, tags, privacy options and licensing photos with author rights but also the largest community developed around photos – perhaps tens of thousands of groups.

Flickr is in the same time a storage solution for photos but also a social network for those that are enthusiastic about photography in general. You turn to Flickr if you want to store your photos safely and easily, regard it as an alternative to the possible wrecking hard drive. Flickr also provides a very efficient way to promote your most successful creations and make your work known to a specialized community that is sure to treat you as you deserve.

Flickr (Source:

Flickr is dead ( Source: )

But what Flickr uses as its main advantage is the fact that for 25 dollars a year you get a PRO account that has extensive features and is a decent price for what Flickr has to offer to the general photo enthusiast. This is a small price compared to other similar sites and socializing networking sites because the people that pay that amount for being PRO are people who are very passionate and the sum of them offers a very objective point of view and this can really help you develop a photography career with the least amount of steps and errors as others already did such errors and they can counsel you.