Fotodiox’s new Cam Hoodie for iPhone5 camera : Eliminate Purple Flare

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iPhone 5 users have a problem of distinct purple flare when they take photos or videos with their camera.  The purple flare is generally seen round the edges of the photos or videos and is caused by reflections from nearby light sources or even from off frame light sources.  Apple has stated that this is a common problem with most small camera lenses.  It has recommended that iPhone 5 users should either readjust their cameras or block off the disturbing light sources by using a hand as a hood. Apple claims users are not holding the camera properly. Of course this statement is contentious.  In the world of high end photography, the more advanced lenses have special coatings to reduce flare, or a simple lens hood is used.

iPhone 5 Camera Location

iPhone 5 Camera Location

Fotodiox, an Illinois based company that deals in cameras and photo accessories, has smartly turned this shortcoming of Apple’s iPhone 5 to its benefit by developing and introducing a simple solution to overcome this problem in an otherwise excellent camera.

Fotodiox’s new camHoodie is exactly what its name indicates.  It is a hood for the iPhone 5 rear camera.  The simple rubber hood works by not allowing any stray light rays to come in from the edges of the frame.  The rubber hood is held by the case. The lens cover is of durable high grade rubber material; there are no chemicals or adhesives that can harm your iPhone 5.  The clear plastic holding the rubber hood in place even affords extra protection from scratches and nicks to the back of your phone.

Fotodiox’s new camHoodie

Fotodiox’s new camHoodie


The camHoodie has a black bumper round the edges with a clear plastic back that holds in place the small black rubbery ring around the camera lens.

Pictures and videos taken with an iPhone5 camera before and after using the Fotodiox’s camHoodie have been published by Fotodiox and they clearly show that by using the camHoodie, the prominent purple flare is considerably reduced and the resulting pictures are more realistic in color, specially the white element.

Fotodiox’s camHoodie

Fotodiox’s camHoodie

Easy to Use

Fotodiox’s camHoodie is very easy to use; just slide your iPhone 5 into your camHoodie case and you are ready to shoot purple flare less pictures and videos.

How far does the camHoodie solve the Purple flare problem?

You may think the camHoodie for your iPhone5 will make the purple flare will disappear.

It does not totally disappear, but it is reduced to a very large extent, so that the colors are more real and you will definitely be happy with the color quality both in your pictures and your videos from your iPhone5.

The company itself claims that is can only “greatly reduce purple lens flare”.  However majority opinion is that while the camHoodie is quite effective in minimizing the purple flare effect, it cannot be eliminated completely.  For this is a simple law of physics in connection with light and reflection. Besides many feel covering the elegant iPHone5 with an ordinary plastic case will spoil its looks.

Fotodiox’s camHoodie has to be pre ordered and the likely delivery date is 30.10.2012 and delivery will be on first come first serve basis.  The camHoodie is relatively inexpensive for an iPhone accessory and will cost you US $ 24.95 and is available in black or white.

If you are really unhappy about the purple flare then your simplest and most affordable solution is to invest in a Fotodiox’s camHoodie and ensure the color quality of the excellent pictures and videos from your iPhone5. Of course it remains a matter of personal choice.