Going Eco – Universal Solar Chargers

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Sometimes it’s all about having power to be able to make your devices work. But what can be done if you want to be also eco-friendly as well as charging and powering your devices?

The solution is simple; you can get a universal solar charger that is both eco-friendly by not relying on conventional sources of energy and lasting electric supply.

Solar  Gadgets (Source: envirogadget.com)

Solar Gadgets (Source: envirogadget.com)

The product that is already on the market and caught my attention is a universal solar charger that you can get for approximately $ 69.00 and that can recharge your gadgets at 4.5 V and 280 mA. The main features of this device are portability and a reliable convenient power source when you don’t have access to the power grid, a high standard design with a very high transforming rate ( meaning that it turns light into electric voltage efficiently ), an built-in over charge circuit protection which also serves as over current limiter and also a thermostat as exposure to powerful direct sunlight for your charger could damage the photovoltaic cells, a very well engineered voltage auto-adjusting as the charger can output voltages of 4 different selectable levels with respective currents. As modern requirements for chargers require, it has a double short-circuit built-in protection system and also a tri-state luminescent diode indicator that allows you to see at any point the mode of operation ( charging, discharging and the status of remaining battery ).

The mini-solar panel can reach a peak power of maximum 1.55 Watts and a correspondent operating voltage of 5.5 Volts at around 140 mA. If desired, the current can be increased to a maximum of 280 mA by lowering the voltage to a mere 3.8 Volts. The universal solar charger also features a high power battery with a 2500mAh capacity at 3.8 Volts. This allows the solar charger to output four voltages with a maximum output power of 4 Watts which I personally consider enough for any tablet or handheld device.

Solar  Gadgets (Source: img.diytrade.com)

Solar Gadgets (Source: img.diytrade.com)

The manufacturer offers in the package a numerous and various set of adapters so that you can charge all sort of devices without the need to find special adapters. The output is an USB port so that you can design or buy your own charging heads for devices that the manufacturer doesn’t offer correct adapters.

This translates in versatility and usually this is a feature that makes usual devices gloom and sell in large numbers. I can’t wait to get my hands on such universal solar charger.