How to get the best out of your iPhone5 Camera: Tips for Amazing Pictures and Videos

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iPhone5 comes with a good 8 mega pixel iSight camera in the rear. It offers panoramic views, sharp images and great pictures like never before. To get the best out of the many exciting features available in your iPhone5 camera a few tips will help you.

Starting your camera

The best thing about the iPhone5 camera is the instant start, you can just swipe on the camera icon which always there on the lock screen, and open your camera app.

iPhone 5 Camera Location

iPhone 5 Camera Location

Image Credit to:Sean MacEntee
Shooting to get the best results


Need to focus, just tap on the screen on the area you want to focus and your camera will focus on it automatically. It also has automatic adjustment for exposure and white balance. When you have the image you feel is perfect just tap the camera icon at the bottom center and capture your picture.


For zooming just pinch and drag to zoom 5x in and out of a picture or you use the zoom slider with a plus and minus indications.

Panorama mode

You have a really beautiful vista in front of you and you want to capture its panoramic grandeur. Simply go the Camera apps and select the new feature, Panorama mode. Tap and slowly pan the camera up to 240 degrees get a seamless panoramic picture. Press “done” when you have finished. Need to change directions from left to right or right to left, you can also tap the arrow mark on your screen. The powerful A6 chip, gyroscope and the camera app in your iPhone work together and along with a 28 mega pixel resolution give you magnificent panoramic shots.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography is an exciting feature that allows you to take multiple exposures of the same view and combine them to get a more detailed and better image.

panoramic photo taken with iPhone 5

Panoramic photo taken with iPhone 5

Camera Flash

iPhone5 camera gives detailed images even in low light conditions. Enhance the quality of these low light pictures by using flash. The flash icon with a lightning symbol will appear on the top left of the screen. Tap the icon and three flash options will appear Off, Auto and On. Off option is the default setting in your camera. Selecting auto means your iPhone will decide when you need flash and accordingly operate. Selecting the On option means flash will be on for every picture you take.

Photos of your iPhone screen

To capture a photo of whatever is presently on your phone’s screen press and hold the power button and then press the home button. A flash indicates you have successfully taken a screenshot.

How to deal with the purple flare problem

The otherwise excellent iPhone camera has a purple flare problem. It is suggested by Apple that users should readjust their cameras or use their hands as a hood to block off the disturbing light. Another more practical, effective and affordable alternative is to buy a Fotodiox camHoodie, a case with a rubber hood for your camera that will minimize the purple flare.

Video recording with your iPhone5 camera

Your iPhone5 camera records video up to 1080p HD. Go to the bottom right corner of your screen which will have two icons, one is a camera icon and the other is a square with a triangle jutting out of it, representing a movie camera. To change to video mode move the slider so that the button is under the movie camera icon. Tap the button with the red circle in it to start recording, it will blink and a timer will also appear onscreen as you record. To finish recording tap the button again. The large aperture and rear side illumination sensor allows more light to give you brighter videos. iPHone5 camera’s improved image stabilization, noise reduction features etc, help you get the perfect video under any conditions. Another feature lets you shoot still images as you video record.

Facetime and switching between cameras

Use your iPhone5 front camera for video chatting and the great thing is you can switch between the front and rear cameras, so that the other person can see you and also see what you are seeing.

The iPhone 5 camera is a great camera; follow these tips for wonderful pictures and videos anytime and anywhere.