HP Mini Laptop – Pavilion Dm1z

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A reasonably-priced netbook launched by HP is the Pavilion dm1z which comes with a plastic construction, while the plastic resin has a few metal characteristics. It has a great build construction and it does not feel cheap at all. The system weighs three and a half pounds and it is less than an inch thick. The mini laptop uses the company’s CoolSense technology which consists of improved design methodology and better placement of the components.

For the outside, HP used a mixture of plastic, glass and soft-touch paint while on the inside metal was strategically used in order to reduce heat conductivity. You will notice that the air vents have been installed toward the back. The main component that generates heat is the APU which has been installed below the keyboard, instead of placing it where the palm rests are.

HP Pavilion dm1z (Source: www5.pcmag.com)

HP Pavilion dm1z (Source: www5.pcmag.com)

The HP Pavilion dm1z adopts an 11.6-inch widescreen display that has a maximum resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels, just like the Lenovo ThinkPad X120e and the Dell M101z. Most of the 10-inch netbook have a 1,024 x 600-pixel screen, while the Asus 1215N adopts a 12-inch display with a 720p resolution.

You will be happy to hear that HP fitted this model with a full-size, island-style keyboard that offers an exceptional typing experience while the clickpad has been significantly improved in comparison to its predecessor.

Regarding connectivity and features, it has just about the same goodies you would expect from any other netbook, like three USB 2.0 ports, a multimedia card reader, an Ethernet port and VGA output. In addition, HP throws in an HDMI port for connecting the mini laptop to an HDTV. You’ll store your files on the 320GB hard drive that rotates at 7,200 rpm.

HP Pavilion dm1z (Source: www2.pcmag.com)

HP Pavilion dm1z (Source: www2.pcmag.com)

The dm1z is powered by AMD’s E-350 APU which is considerably more powerful in comparison to Intel’s Atom platform in both processor and graphics performance. The mini laptop is able to score 57 in SYSMark 2007, and it needs a little over 9 minutes to finish Handbrake, which is a video transcoding test. We should also mention that it is configured with 3GB of DDR3 RAM.

Thanks to the AMD Radeon HD 6310, the mini laptop is able to score 2,403 in 3DMark06 tests, which is considerably more than any of the other Atom-based netbooks. The only model better than this one is the aforementioned Asus 1215N that manages to score 2,817 thanks to its desktop-class Atom processor and the Nvidia GPU.

As far as the battery life is concerned, the HP Pavilion dm1z can last for more than 7 hours under normal circumstances with its standard 6-cell 55WH lithium-ion battery, making it one of the top performers in this category.