Migrating From PC To Laptop Needs

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What many computer users needed when migrating from PC to laptopand tablets ( tablets are an exception due to the different concept of interface ) was the lack of something. That something that lacked was the mouse. What many of you original PC users need is a good old reliable mouse or a very high performance drawing tablet to use as cursor control interface. The mouse is the most reliable device to select, control, click, resize, maximize and everything that has to do with the cursor.

mouse gear (Source: progamingperipherals.com)mouse gear (Source: progamingperipherals.com)

Even more, this statement is backed up by all gamers out there that need a mouse to play shooters and all sort of games except car racing games and even these games sometimes require a mouse for controlling the cursor as for the camera control or menu select. I am a big fan of the mouse and would not give up this wonderful invention for a touchpad or a trackpad. The only thing that will probably make me give up the mouse would be a neural interface where hands are no longer needed and all you do and all interaction with the equipment is done by using bio-electric signals from your brain. Many see this new invention attempt in a very skeptical way but by the time it will be fully usable and configurable the society won’t look at it with such evil eyes.

Mouse gear(Source: mousearena.com)

Mouse gear(Source: mousearena.com)

What matters most is to have a good steady device that you can rely on in any case. I am personally the proud owner of many mouse models, wireless, Bluetooth and wired but the ones I really love are the wired ones. What can I say, some may consider me old school but nothing is worse than while playing a high immersive shooter or a real time strategy game even online your wireless or Bluetooth mouse accumulators or batteries run out. That my readers is the worst thing that could happen to any dedicated gamer or casual one. Another aspect is the fact that even if I spent almost $75 on a Wireless mouse dedicated for gaming ( $75 is not much you will say ) with all sorts of buttons and configurable DPI settings I lost my temper when during a 3D Studio Max object resize due to almost depleted accumulators ( for which the LED indicator did not work properly ) my 3D object went ballistic to an infinite 3D size and my video card crashed. Fortunately, I had the autosave option enabled and my work wasn’t completely lost but this is a very good example why I use a wired mouse for all the work I do.