More Insight About The V1 And J1 From Nikon

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The V 1 and J 1 are the newest additions in the Nikon palette of interchangeable lenses small cameras and even if they both mainly share the same technology there are many things that make a difference.

Such a small difference can be seen in the LCD displays of the models. Even though both models feature 3 – inch diagonal displays, for now, from what I’ve seen in the hardware specifications on the official website, the V 1 features 921k pixels while the screen of the J 1 features only 460k. I don’t know exactly why because they both use the same CMOS sensor.

Nikon Cameras (Source:

Nikon Cameras (Source:

The feature that defines these new two models is the interchangeable lenses which are peculiar on such small cameras. By launching a new range of products, Nikon has also tried to bring new interchangeable lenses that could adapt the V 1’s and J 1’s small sizes. These new interchangeable lenses are included in the Nikkor family and thus, the kits for both cameras include the VR  10 – 30 mm Nikkor objective. Fortunately, you can opt for using one of the other three objectives that Nikon made available on the market: the VR 30 – 110 mm Nikkor, The VR 10 mm Nikkor or the VR 10 – 100 mm PD – Zoom Nikkor from which the last model is specifically designed for recording videos featuring a power drive zoom function similar to that used in the dedicated video cameras.

In terms of pricing and availability, the Nikkon J 1 will be available with the VR 10 – 30 mm Nikkor objective at a price of $ 850 which is rather convenient but also means that you can get a decent DSLR for the same money. For an extra $ 50 you can get a VR 10 mm Nikkor objective.

Nikon  (Source:

Nikon (Source:

While the J 1 is considered to be the cheapest camera in its segment, the Nikkon V 1 will cost around $ 1300, and comes equipped with the VR 10 – 30 mm Nikkor objective. For the same money as previously stated you can get the VR 10 mm Nikkor objective as the models are interchangeable for all 1 Series models.

However, these prices are quite high for starters as the cameras have not yet been tested. Until further information from people who bought and used them is available, we are forced to believe what the manufacturer brags about and take it for granted.

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