Mouse- Gamers’ Best Friend

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In a previous article I wrote about the fact that the mouse, even with all these new technologies that allow a user to swipe, pinch to zoom and rotate images with the fingers is still used by many for accurate cursor guiding and selection. I must say that picture editing, photo editing and 3D editing would be impossible to do without this marvelous invention called mouse.



Maybe it’s a state of mind that I was accustomed to and probably if the mouse wouldn’t have been invented and the touchpad would have been the first interface of this kind to be introduced to the public I would have probably used the touchpad to do all those things. The mouse I am currently using right now is a wired mouse, as stated previously in the other article, and it suits my purposes very well for $12. This cheap mouse is not that good when trying to use a high DPI setting for let’s say image editing but it’s very efficient and reliable for everything else. I have the maximum cursor speed set for it from the control panel that Windows provides and the maximum cursor speed from the dedicated driver that the mouse came with. This way I do all my work fast and efficient with a cheap, quality and reliable mouse that really suits my needs.

There are numerous mouse manufacturers on the market among which I enumerate A4 Tech, Microsoft, LG, Logitech, Razer, Sony, Samsung, Acer, Canyon and more others but not all have quality in mind with designing these devices.



For example, Microsoft is very good in terms of ergonomics but is quite bad is terms of battery lifetime for wireless mouse that it makes. LG offers a great range of mouse controllers with high or low DPI and even buttons to switch between the DPI settings automatically without any software intervention but what they lack is the quality of the materials they use. Most mouse devices that they produce are very hard or too soft to touch and can be broken quite easily as the plastic they are made of is very rigid. In terms of ergonomics they score high but the negative aspect that I stated previously shades the good ergonomics. Razer produces high quality devices specially designed for gaming purposes. Mice that Razer produce feature a whole range of fully customizable buttons and scrolls that make mouse usage very complex and most probably useful in the games they were created for. Also, Razer tries to fit the palm of the user by fully customizable length, height and width with all sort of screws and hinges that can be manually set by every user.