Mozilla 7.01 Is Up And Running!

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All Mozilla fans will be delighted to check their ‘About Firefox’ tab to see that the famous browser has officially been upgraded to the 7.01 version. By doing this, the Mozilla development team is closely following the plan to launch numerous subsequent updates that are sure to improve user experience every time they do so. Thus, even if the last update brought to Mozilla Firefox was in June, the new version has been launched in the last days of the previous month. What the 7.01 version promises to bring is a better browsing optimization and performance, many changes in the way pages load and the fact that there is a real comprehensive application access time decrease as well as a diminished memory consumption make the upgrade a successful one.

Internet Technology News (Source:

Internet Technology News (Source:

But let’s see exactly what the additions are exactly:

  • Firefox Sync which is a service that provides bookmark collection management and multiple computers synchronization, has undergone several improvements especially in the time it takes to access the main database, the refreshing time for the information as well as increased security in storing the passwords and personal data.
  • Another feature of which Mozilla Firefox 7.01 fans are proud of is the browser reaction time when using simultaneous opened multiple tabs and windows. As the developers optimized and altered the Java Script engine the browser now responds even better when the amount of used RAM exceeds normal use values.
  • Web Timing is a new feature that was developed as a real help tool for Web developers as it enables the live monitoring of load times as well as the ability to view certain CSS elements that web developers are accustomed and already addicted to.
    Internet Technology News (Source:

    Internet Technology News (Source:

Regarding speed, Mozilla Firefox 7.01 is faster than the previous version with about 25 % – 35 % better than its predecessor as the developer states but it is clear that the Chrome v. 16 browser is better.

This is a very intricate problem as the browser is faster on slower machines on which the other browsers perform worse but this is temporary as the balance between speed, performance, access, loading times and behavior is a very delicate one and the scores change every time a new update is available by any competitor.

The result of the battle between browsers is uncertain, even after so many years because many have emerged or disappeared under the weight of newer ones but Mozilla, Opera and Internet Explorer have been around for a while.