Netbook Or Tablet?

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Netbook or tablet?  That is the question if you prefer them both at the same time and Asus comes with an intriguing proposal for that: Transformer.
The Asus EEE Transformer Pad is considered to be the single main competitor for the iPad manufactured by Apple and this is a powerful conclusion that many agree upon after they had the opportunity to test this device. The Asus EEE Transformer is built on the already famous Tegra 2 platform and that’s the main reason why it is very efficient. The full keyboard helps it in resembling very well an Eee PC for Office-type activities, but also for browsing and online communication.

Tablet Or Mini Laptop (Source:

Tablet Or Mini Laptop (

The design is a big strength for Asus products and the Transformer is not an exception. It looks perfect, is stylish, can be used by any manager or professional for presentations and the for the multimedia segment is perfect. Hardware facilities also help: a dual-core microprocessor at 1GHz, 1GB RAM module and a 16GB integrated flash memory. The USB ports are well placed and it features a SD card reader but also WiFi technology. In my personal opinion the physical keyboard helps a lot. But this is not mandatory for many users.

Another option for the netbook or tablet question is the Toshiba Thrive, a tablet inspired by laptops. Many wonder what makes a Toshiba Tablet Thrive a very special tablet and the only answer is all these new very special features that it offers and that can be found on our friend, the laptop.
There are many people in the world that resists the invasion of tablets because they are still satisfied with the qualities of their laptops. Many of them illustrate their reasons by the tablet inability to connect with the home system, with the phone and even with an regular audio system.

The Toshiba Thrive addresses these connectivity problems experienced by the tablets. Toshiba’s wise brains behind the Thrive included a large number of ports to provide users many options in which regards connectivity to other devices.

Tablet Or Mini Laptop (Source:

Tablet Or Mini Laptop (Source:

The tablet comes with an USB port normal sized, a port more than necessary for a tablet. With this option you can transfer files between the tablet and another device easily without more messing around with wireless networks or other connections. Also, through the USB port you can connect an external hard drive, a memory stick, a camera or even a phone. The USB port is the main feature of the Toshiba Tablet Thrive, the feature absent from other tablets.

Another feature is inspired by the laptop is the integrated SD card reader, and which is missing from many other tablets.