New Addition to Our Coolest camping gadgets – ECOXGEAR’s Bluetooth EcoStone Portable Speaker

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If you are looking for 100% water proof and durable Bluetooth speaker, then ECOXGEAR’s Bluetooth EcoStone Portable Speaker fits the bill. This is not one of those water resistance speakers which are sold as 100% water proof speakers in the market. This will bring your camping party to new levels while other campers desperately look for some entertainment .EcoStone speaker is must have camping gadget to enjoy the good tunes in all types of weather conditions.

ECOXGEAR Bluetooth EcoStone Speaker

ECOXGEAR Bluetooth EcoStone Speaker

Echostone speaker is very durable and shock resistance since it is made with military grade materials. You can play any music by hooking up with your phone with the Bluetooth magic. It is one of the coolest and compact speakers available in the market. The streaming quality is nice with 60 feet from your iPhone or iPad and capable of withstanding temperature from 40 degrees to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Other useful features of ECOXGEAR’s Bluetooth EcoStone Portable Speaker:

  1. You can use to charge your iPhone and other gadgets if you need backup power.
  2. It includes a built in LED flash light for any emergencies.
  3. Comes with built in Bluetooth waterproof microphone which can be used for making hands free calls.

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