Nikon Launches New Small Camera Series-1 Series

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Nikon is recognized as one of the most popular camera manufacturers in the world and recently the company has decided to enter the market segment of small cameras with interchangeable lenses. This is not a new segment that they create but rather a niche that’s been around for some time. On this occasion, Nikon launched a new category of products that will be known as 1 Series. The respective number, ‘1’ in this case, will be engraved on each and every model in the segment noted previously for easy recognition.
The first two devices that the company launched in this segment ( 1 Series cameras ) are the V 1 and J 1. Both models have features that they share yet they also have a slightly different design and functions in order to suit different people and needs.

Nikon Camera (Source:

Nikon Camera (Source:

Nikon J1 represents the cheapest model launched by Nikon and even if the model has a 10.1 mega pixel CMOS sensor the price is kept low for an easier market penetration. The V1 features the same 10.1 mega pixel CMOS sensor which was named ‘CX’. This CMOS sensor model features options to shoot in 3 : 2 or 16 : 9 aspects in both RAW and JPG formats and a feature that many will find useful is that the user can manually adjust the ISO sensitivity  from a minimum 100 to a maximum of 3200.

Also, in terms of video capabilities, both devices are capable of capturing videos in full-HD 1080p format with roughly 30 frames per second which is more than satisfactory for many average users. Both camera models have a new picture capture mode, which allows the creation of a slow – motion video by playing back several photos taken before, during and after pressing the shutter button.

Nikon Camera  (Source:

Nikon Camera (Source:

The manufacturer officially claims that both models, V1 and J1, are the fastest cameras in the market due to the high processing rate. They declare that it scores up to 60 frames per second even at the maximum resolution. In terms of performance, Nikon states that the models perform about 3 times better than DSLR’s, which is quite hard to believe to be honest. In addition, the focusing system allows up to 73 AF points which is also hard to believe until someone gets their hands on such a model and puts it to the test.

What Nikon is trying to bring to the market with these two models is cheap performance.

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