Nokia Goes For Windows 8

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What the dedicated telecommunication forums chat for the last few months is that the giant mobile manufacturer Nokia is suffering a major change in policy and the direction the company is headed. Even if during the first two terms of 2011 the manufacturer lost a market share of up to 5.5 % compared to the last year, Nokia still holds the world leadership in mobile sales and degree of innovation from year to year. In the first three months of this year the Finnish manufacturer has sold over 107.6 million mobile terminals. Those figures translate in a market share of 29.3 % according to a report made by a company specialized in market research called IDC. The report was published some days ago. The huge difference in Nokia sales compared to Samsung, which occupies the second place in this ranking scale, is over 38 million terminals sold in addition and compared to LG Electronics, the third contender, is of over 80 millions.

Nokia  Smartphone (Source:

Nokia Smartphone (Source:

Unfortunately for the manufacturer, its market share has declined by more than 5.4 percents to 34.8 % for the first quarter of 2010 to a staggering 29.3 % in the first quarter of the current year. Even if competition also lost market shares, they all lost less. For example, Samsung lost only 1.9 percentage points of the market share over the same period of time, while the famous LG Electronics lost over two percentage points in the same time reference.

In the same time however, ‘ the bitten apple ’ increased its market share from a 2.9 % to almost double the first figure, 5.2 %. According to the report that IDC published, sales for the American company totaled 18.8 million terminals, with 10 millions more than in the first quarter of the past year. However, the market grew by 19.8 % ( from 312 to 373 ) in terms of millions terminals sold.

Nokia Smartphone (Source:

Nokia Smartphone (Source:

After signing a partnership with Microsoft, Nokia has officially announced that the company is giving up the Symbian operating systems and that is mainly for coping with the competition easier. The operating systems used on future Nokia smartphones, the Finnish company announced earlier during 2011 that it signed a partnership with Microsoft which obliges the company to gradually use only Windows 8 on all smartphones. This conversion will be made gradually, Symbian based terminals still being sold and manufactured until all partnership related aspects are clarified. This partnership is also a reason for the share loss.