Midland Xtra Talk GXT1050VP4 Camo 36-Mile GMRS Radio 8 Pack

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Two Way Radio / Walkie Talkie
MIDLAND GXT1050VP4 36-Mile Camo GMRS Radio Pair Pack with Batteries & Drop-in Charger 36 mile range; 28 special channels; 387 privacy codes plus group codes; Maximum power allowed by law;SOS siren & whisper mode; Instant weather scan & NOAA weather alert radio; Water resistant to JIS4 specifications;Direct call capability; Vibrate alert; Battery life extender; Keypad lock & roger beep;Headset jack;Dual power: standard alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries; Includes 2 belt clips, desktop charger, AC wall adapter, DC adapter, 2 rechargeable NiMH battery packs & 2 boom microphone headsets; Deluxe Mossy Oak(R) finish


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Need a compact two-way radio for your bug out bag? Got limited space but you need a reliable form of communication for your next hiking trip or to stow in amongst your hunting gear? The Midland Xtra Talk GXT1050VP4 has you covered. These radios may be small, but they’ve got an array of features. This four pack of two-way radios from Midland is the smart choice for emergency supplies and any outdoor activity.

Here’s what’s in the box:

  • 8 Midland Xtra Talk GXT1050VP4 two-way radios
  • 8 Belt clips
  • 8 Boom mic headsets
  • 8 NiMH rechargeable battery packs
  • 4 Desktop chargers
  • 4 AC adaptors
  • 4 DC adaptors
  • 4 Owner’s manuals

Outfox Eavesdroppers

For those times when you want to communicate privately – or when you just don’t want to listen be disturbed by transmissions from outside your group, the Midland Xtra Talk GXT1050VP4 makes privacy easy. With a total of 50 channels and 258 privacy codes, you’ve got 6,270 channel combinations to choose from, so your community can quickly establish a private channel, where you won’t be overhead. Having so many available channel options is incredibly useful if you’re in a busy environment. For example, if you’ve taken your family to a theme park and you accidentally get separated, providing you’re all on the same channel and privacy code, you can easily communicate and regroup.

Not only do you have the option of getting your team on the same channel, you can also activate Group Call when you need even more privacy. This function lets you call specific members of your group, without the remaining members hearing the transmissions.

If it Quacks Like a Duck…

Or gobbles like a turkey, caws like a crow, roars like a cougar, or howls like a wolf – it could in fact be your Midland Xtra Talk radio, with its five animal call alerts.


There’s times when you need quiet, whether you’re dodging zombies or just trying not to alert the wildlife to your presence. With the Xtra Talk from Midland, you can enter Silent Mode, which turns off all tones to ensure noiseless operation. If you still need to receive calls, the vibrate function will alert you silently. When operating the radio in silence, you may still need to communicate, and thanks to Whisper Mode, you can. Whisper your transmission and still be heard clearly by your team.

Substantial Range

With a clear line of site and minimal interference, the Midland Xtra Talk GXT1050VP4 is capable of receiving and transmitting clearly at up to 36 miles over land or water.

Be Weather Ready

This splashpoof two-way radio withstands light rain and splashing water. It keeps you weather-ready, too, with its weather alert function. It automatically scans for your local NOAA weather station, and gives you emergency alerts, so you’re never caught unawares.


The Xtra Talk Midland two-way radio has a number of features that maximize convenience, including a backlit LCD, so you can operate it easily in the dark. It also boasts a keypad lock so you don’t accidentally change channels or alter your settings. You can adjust the power settings between high, medium, and low to maximize power and range or to conserve battery life.


Yes, you can use the NiMH battery pack as your primary source of power. The desktop charger is easy to use – you just slot the radio into the cradle. And yes, there’s an AC and a DC adapter, but if you’re not near a power source when the juice runs low, you need an alternative. Thankfully, this Midland two-way is a dual-power model, allowing you to switch out the NiMH battery pack in favor of 4 AA alkaline batteries. So as long as you’ve got some spare AAs in your pack, you don’t have to worry about losing power.

Main Features of MIDLAND GXT1050VP4 36-Mile Camo GMRS Radio

  • Compact and versatile pair of radios for 2-way outdoor communication
  • Mossy oak breakup camouflage coloring
  • Up to 36 miles of wireless range in open areas
  • Each radio has 50 (22 plus 28 extra) selectable channels and a channel scan feature that automatically checks channels for activity, ensuring that you’re on an open channel for clear communication
  • Monitor function checks for any activity within your channel. A dual watch function lets you monitor 2 channels
  • 284 privacy codes give you up to 5560 channel options to help you block other conversations
  • Bright backlit LCD display for use during the day or night
  • SOS siren lets you send distress/locator signals in emergency situations
  • Weather scan checks the active weather channel in your area. NOAA is also included for automatic alerts for severe weather hazard information 24/7
  • JIS4 waterproof rating provides protection against light rain or splashing water from all directions
  • X-TRA TALK power is the maximum allowed by law, ensuring maximum range and clear communication
  • Whisper mode lets you whisper, but the receiving radio hears you at full volume
  • Auto squelch feature removes annoying background noise
  • A “roger” beep indicates call completion
  • Keystroke tones provide audible tones with each key press, while silent operation mode silences all tones for quiet operation
  • A direct call function lets you instantly contact one member of your party without alerting others. The call alert function has 10 different tones to notify you of an incoming call from within your group
  • The vibrate alert provides silent page and call notifications
  • The keypad is lockable to keep your selected settings
  • The eVOX mode has 9 sensitivity levels for easy voice activation without an external microphone
  • High, medium, and low power settings let you adjust transmit power to conserve battery life
  • Mic and headphone jacks are provided, allowing you to use the radios hands-free with the included single-ear headsets
  • Battery life extender provides longer operating life
  • Each radio can operate on the included rechargeable batteries or via 4 standard AA batteries. The included drop-in desktop charger and AC adapter provide a convenient way to charge both radios simultaneously with a single AC outlet, while the DC adapter lets you charge a radio using your car’s lighter socket
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