MOTOROLA 35-Mile Talkabout T400 2-Way Radio 4 Pack With With Free Keychain Flashlight

  • Does double duty as a weather alert radio, with 11 channels and emergency alert functions
  • Offers 2,662 channel combinations to ensure you always have access to private communication
  • IP54 weatherproofing lets you use your radio all year round
  • A built-in flashlight ensures you’re prepared for power outages
  • Maximum range of 35 miles


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Hunting? Fishing? Adventuring? Trying to avoid the zombie hordes while you’re desperately looking for supplies? You need a decent two-way radio. Whether it’s a leisure or emergency scenario, communication with the rest of your party is crucial. What if you’re out of cell range? What if the cell towers are down? The Motorola Talkabout T400 is the answer. This four pack of two-way radios from Motorola is bursting with useful features. Each radio has a substantial maximum range, doubles up as a weather alert radio, and has an emergency alert button and bundled with key chain flashlight which last upto 8.75 hours with the included 4 coin cell batteries.
Here’s what you get in the box:

  • 4 Motorola Talkabout T400 radios
  • 4 NiMH rechargeable battery packs
  • 4 micro-USB charging cables
  • 2 user guides
  • Free 16-Lumen LED Keychain Flashlight


LED Keychain Flashlight is useful to help in everyday situations like Flat tires, missing headphones, needle in a haystack, you name it.The Pelican 16-Lumen ProGear 1810 LED Keychain (Silver) is an everyday personal flashlight will help you in the outdoors its handy keychain attachment 16 lumens of light . This smallest flashlight can easily clip on a backpack or store inside a medical kit or carrying it on hand or any other situation where quick illumination is needed.

  • has the power of 16 lumens
  • Ultra compact & lightweight & Smallest flashlight
  • 8.75 hours continuous-use run time and Anodized aluminum construction
  • Twist-on activation & Multitasker design
  • Water-resistant (IPX4) & Weight: .5oz with batteries ideal for camping and back packing
  • Includes 4 coin cell batteries & matching laser-etched charm
PELICAN 16-Lumen ProGear 1810 LED Keychain Flashlight

PELICAN 16-Lumen ProGear 1810 LED Keychain Flashlight

Don’t Worry About Weather Conditions

Thanks to the T400’s IP54 weatherproof construction, you don’t need to worry about reliability in adverse weather conditions. This two-way radio can withstand all kinds of conditions, including heavy rain and snow.

Always Know the Forecast

Doubling up as a weather alert radio, the Talkabout T400 lets you tune into any of 11 weather channels, including 7 NOAA channels, so you can stay abreast of the latest forecast updates. Remember to turn on the weather alert feature so adverse conditions never take you by surprise.

Are You In Range?

With a clear line of site and little interference, the T400 has a comparatively long mountain to valley range of 35 miles. On open water, you can expect up to 6 miles of coverage, and in built-up and heavy traffic areas, you can communicate within a maximum range of two miles. Just remember that climatic conditions, interference, and obstructions impact the usable range.

Don’t Run Out of Juice

With two power options, this two-way from Motorola ensures you’ll never be stranded without juice. You can use the rechargeable NiMH battery pack for up to 8.5 hours of use. If you’re not able to recharge it when it runs dry, simply switch out the NiMH battery for 3 AA batteries for another 21 hours of power.
But there’s plenty of charging opportunities, too. These radios come with micro-USB cables, so you can charge them from an outlet, a battery pack, a solar charger, a vehicle adaptor, or a computer.
The low battery alert makes sure you know when it’s time to change or charge the batteries, so you won’t unexpectedly run out of power.

The T400 as I received it. It comes in a nice package, is well protected and has everything you need to start using the radio right away.

The T400 comes in a nice package, is well protected and has everything you need to start using the radio right away.

Well, Hello There

For maximum convenience and usability, the Talkabout T400 is compatible with any other FRS/GMRS radio. All you need to do is make sure your community is all on the same channel and privacy code.


With both safety and convenience in mind, Motorola includes a hands-free function with the T400. Using iVOX/VOX as a speaker, you can communicate hands-free whenever you need to.

Keep it Private

With 121 privacy codes for each of the 22 channels, you’ve got a whopping 2,662 possible combinations, allowing you to communicate privately with your community. And, with the QT, or Quiet Talk feature, you can filter out unwanted transmissions from non-Motorola two-ways.

Afraid of the Dark?

Nothing is quite as daunting as the prospect of dealing with an emergency in the dark. Whatever the situation, whether you’re facing down hordes of zombies, or just need to answer a call of nature while you’re camping, you need light. The T400 boasts a built-in LED flashlight, so you’re always prepared for nighttime wanderings.

Save Your Energy

Thanks to Motorola’s Eco Smart technology, these two-way radios are energy efficient, and only use half a watt of power during idle charging time. This minimizes energy wastage and saves you money.

More About MOTOROLA 35-Mile Talkabout® T400 Rechargeable 2-Way Radio 4 Pack

The Talkabout T400 is ideal for your outside activities in addition to life’s everyday adventures. Take a set of radios in your next camping trip, hiking trip or perhaps to your backyard or nearby park.

Having a simple push from the button and as much as a 35 mile range, you may enjoy outside activities and easily keep in touch with buddies and family.

IP54 Weatherproof

Using the IP54 weatherproof design, radio easily manage  the results of rain, snow along with other climate conditions.

22 Channels each with 121 Privacy Codes

With 22 channels and 121 privacy codes, amassing 2,662 combinations, you can easily locate an available channel.

Ensure That It Stays Private

The Quiet Talk (QT) feature guarantees continuous communication along with other Motorola radios which have this selection. Remove undesirable transmissions from non-Motorola radios in high-traffic areas for example ski resorts or theme parks.

Suitable For Any Radios

You are able to talk to other FRS/GMRS radios no matter brand when you are on a single funnel and privacy code

Eco Wise

The majority of the energy wasted when utilizing a mobile phone happens throughout the charge. The T400 consumes only half watt of energy throughout its idle condition.

Rapidly Look for a Channel

Make use of the checking feature to determine what channels are presently being used.

Done. Over.

Set your radio to deliver a distinctive tone whenever you finish speaking. It is just like saying “Roger” or “Over” once you talk.

Get Low Battery Alert

Obtain a indication when batteries are running low.

Be Aware Of Weather Ahead Of Time

Keep up-to-date with real-time climate conditions by activating the weather alerts. Using these abilities, you’ll always be ready for the unpredicted.

NOAA radio service might not be available in most areas. Seek advice from the local weather office for frequency and particulars, or visit world wide (Canada: world wide

Light The Right Path

The built-in Brought torch provides you with peace-of-mind throughout evening adventures, unpredicted problems or energy black outs.

Power During Your Adventures

You will find two methods to power your radio. You should use NiMH rechargeable batteries incorporated for approximately 8.5 hrs. Or use 3 AA batteries on the run for approximately 21 hrs.

You will find 3 ways to charge the NiMH rechargeable batteries. You are able to plug the micro-USB cable for an outlet, hook it up for your vehicle adaptor, in order to your pc.

Be Hands-free

When hiking up a high mountain trail, keep the hands-free to brace the rocky terrain. With iVOX/VOX acting just like a speakerphone and permitting hands-free communication, you can preserve on moving without preventing to reply to a phone call.

Personalize Call Tones

Choose what your phone callers hear before you begin speaking by choosing among the 20 call tones, including animal sounds and ring alarms.

Keep The Preferred Configurations

Lock the keyboard to avoid your personalized configurations from being unintentionally transformed.

Detailed Specification of PELICAN 16-Lumen ProGear 1810 LED Keychain Flashlight

  • 16 lumens
  • Smallest flashlight made by Pelican™
  • Ultra compact & lightweight
  • 8.75 hours continuous-use run time
  • Anodized aluminum construction
  • Twist-on activation
  • ultitasker design
  • Water-resistant (IPX4)
  • Weight: .5oz with batteries
  • Includes 4 coin cell batteries & matching laser-etched charm
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Silver


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