MOTOROLA T107 16-Mile Talkabout Walkie Talkie Family Indoor Outdoor Two Way Radios

  • The Motorola Talkabout T107 2-Way Radio Series uses alkaline 2-way radio for indoor and outdoor communication.
  • Supports call tone which is is actually what persons calling you can hear rather than the normal default ring. It gets the attention of your family and friends before you begin talking.
  • Designed with keypad lock which prevents your personalized settings from being accidentally changed.
  • T107 radio features Flashing Low Battery Alert which reminds you when batteries are running low.
  • Compatible with any FRS/GMRS radio irrespective of brand by being on the very same channel and privacy codes.
  • Has total of 22 channels which allows you to find many available channels.


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The Motorola T107 twin pack features simple but robust two-way radios. While they haven’t got the longest maximum range, it’s more than adequate for most users. These simple compact two-ways are a great choice for children, and their bright colors ensure that the radio is easy to find if you need it fast. Whether you want to carry radios for safety on family days out or you want something small and compact for the kids to stash in their go-bags, these T107s from Motorola fit the bill.

Here’s what you get in the box:

  • 2 Motorola T107 radios
  • A straightforward user guide
  • 2 belt clips

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These radios max out at a range of 16 miles, mountain to valley with an uninterrupted line of sight and in optimal atmospheric and climactic conditions. Remember that that range will get small the more built up the area in which you’re using them and the more obstructions and signal interference there is. Motorola claims that you get a maximum range of 5 miles in a residential area and up to 3 miles across open water. Now, this isn’t the longest range – but 5 miles in a residential area is perfectly respectable, and 16 miles mountain to valley is more than enough for most family adventures and should be more than adequate in most emergency scenarios, too.


There are 22 channels to choose from, so your group can easily find a relatively quiet channel to communicate over, even in busy locales. The T107 also boasts auto squelch, so it squashes and filters out weak transmissions. For those times when you want to hear every single transmission, no matter how weak, you can activate Monitor Mode. Maybe you’re trying to get in contact with another group, or maybe you’re waiting for a group member to come back within range or are concerned that someone may need your help. Monito Mode lets you catch their transmissions as early as possible.

Highlights Of MOTOROLA T107 16-Mile Talkabout T107 Family  Indoor Outdoor Two Way Radios

  • Up to 16 mile range
  • 22 channels
  • Call tone
  • Auto squelch
  • LCD battery meter battery-save feature
  • Keypad lock & keypad tone
  • Includes 2 radios, 2 belt clips & user guide
  • Requires 2 AA batteries


Motorola T107 two-way radios run on 3 AAA batteries each. With premium alkaline batteries, you can expect around 18 hours of battery life, based on average usage. Remember to keep a few spare packs of alkaline AAA batteries in your pack or with your radios, so you don’t find yourself without power and unable to communicate. Your radio features a visual low battery alert on the screen, so you can change them out before you lose power altogether. It’s super easy to change the 107’s batteries. Simply turn off your randio, flip pit open and remove the battery cover. Carefully remove the old batteries and insert fresh ones with the same orientation. Ensure the batteries are firmly in place, then replace the battery cover. The automatic battery save feature helps you achieve optimal battery life.


These robust two-way radios from Motorola are small and compact, fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand or your pocket, and they are small enough for children to operate comfortably, too. T107 radios measure 55.2 (h) x 1.91 (w) x 1.10 (d) inches and, when loaded with batteries, weigh just 0.25 pounds, so they won’t weigh you down and make a great choice when space and weight are important concerns. Their neon pink coloring ensures that they are easy to spot if dropped in dense foliage or when they languishing at the bottom of a pack.

A locking key pad lets you know you’ll be on the right channel every time, by preventing you accidentally switching channels or transmitting messages while the radio is in your pocket or pack. The Push to Talk Timeout timer helps you conserve battery and prevents prolonged accidental transmissions. If the PPT button is depressed for more than 60 seconds, the radio begins to emit a continuous alert tone and automatically stops the transmission.

The Roger beep negates the need to say “Roger” to signify the end of a transmission. The audible tone lets other radio users know that your transmission is over, and they are free to respond.

Channel Scan

The Channel Scan feature is particularly useful. When activated, it automatically scans for activity as it cycles through the channel. When it detects activity, it pauses on that channel for two seconds. If you don’t make a transmission or push the PTT button, the scanner moves on and the process continues. However, if you depress the PTT button or make a transmission, the scan stops. If you’re lost, in need of help, have accidentally switched channels and are cut off from the rest of your group, Channel Scan is a great way of getting help or getting back in contact.

This Motorola T107 two-way two pack is an unbeatable addition to your emergency or outdoor supplies, particularly if you have children who are old enough to be trusted with their own radios. Lightweight, compact, and user-friendly, the T107 is built with simplicity and durability in mind.

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