Uniden GMR3040 FRS GMRS Two-Way Radio 30-Mile Range Walkie Talkie 4 PACK

The Uniden GMR-3040 is a great two way radio which is lightweight and small enough to fit easily in the palm of your hand. The many features that come with the radio make it a great choice for a variety of outdoor (and indoor) situations, and it is versatile enough to fit a range of needs.Uniden GMR3040 FRS GMRS Two-Way Radio 30-Mile Range Walkie Talkie 4 Value pack has total of four radios with all the accessories.


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It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a cool camping gadget, something to keep your family safe during an emergency, or just a neat electronic communication device with which you can keep yourself occupied, the Uniden GMR3040-2CKHS two way radio is the one for you! With FRS and GMRS capabilities, bright, readable buttons, and a complete LCD display, this radio has everything you need. Included with the radio are belt clips, headsets, and a charging station so you can always keep your radio close and at optimal operating capacity!

Included with the radio are the following accessories:(Four SETS)

  • 4 NiMH battery packs (rechargeable) for each radio
  • 2 Charging cradle
  • 4 Headsets for each radio included
  • 2  AC adapter
  • 2 DC adapter
  • 4 Carabiner clips

The radio utilizes GMRS frequencies for the first 7 and the last 7 channels of its 22 channel capability. The license that the GMR3040 uses is compliant with the Federal Communications Commission guidelines. The display is clear and easy to read, with a nice LED backlight for the LCD display. Buttons are well labelled and large enough to be read easily, even from a slight distance. The radios have mini-USB compatibility, should you need to charge them on your computer or you wish to upload your own programming to the radios.

There are a variety of ranges which are available on this radio. A 30 mile range is advertised under the best conditions. For the GMRS channels included (1-7 and 15-22) you have a 30 mile maximum range. For channels 8-14 (the FRS channels) the advertised range is up to 5 miles. This is standard, because GMRS typically has a longer range regardless of the hardware.

7 NOAA weather channels are included with the radio at no additional cost. These are useful for keeping up with both emergency alerts and changes to the weather. When you are out in the field, you know the importance of keeping track of the weather. At any moment you could find yourself in a very dangerous situation. Information is your best asset and the NOAA weather channels included with this radio will provide you with just that.

The battery life on the rechargeable battery packs is up to 10 hours of consistent use. Fortunately, even if you do not have access to electricity or the charging cable you will be able to use AAA batteries as a replacement to continue using the radio. The battery packs themselves are high quality NiMH batteries.

Additionally, the GMR-3040 includes a number of additional functions which add to the value. There is a roger beep which will sound off when a transmission has occurred to let the other person know that the transmission is over. With regard to call tone alerts, there are 10 available. A keypad lock is automatically included on these radios as well, so you will never have to spend time worrying about accidentally sending off a transmission or changing your operating channel.

Uniden provides a three year limited warranty with the GMR-3040 as well. The product is guaranteed to be free of any defects or issues for around three years, assuming the original owner of the device is the one making the warranty claim. They will either fix or replace the radio if you qualify for the program. It should be noted that this warranty is voided if you make any modifications to the radio done through anyone besides Uniden at any point during its life cycle.

This radio is a great choice for anyone looking for a cool camping gadget or something to add to their emergency preparedness kit. It has a high flexibility of use and remains durable even though it is lightweight enough to carry on long treks.

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