UNIDEN GMR4040-2CKHS 40-Mile 2-Way FRS/GRMS Radios 8 Pack

The Uniden GMR4040 is a great two way radio system for any situation. Whether you are planning to head out on a family outing, need to expand your emergency kit, or are looking for something to utilize at your next neighborhood watch meeting, you can’t go wrong with these radios.  Coming with everything you need to work with the radio, this kit is perfect for most people. At a great price point, the GMR4040 has weather channel functionality, a bright and easy to read display, and a great warranty to boot. If you are in the market for a good two way radio, the GMR4040 is the radio for you.


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The GMR4040 is a great two way radio system with FRS and GMRS capability. It is not the most powerful two way radio system on the market, but it packs plenty of punch when you need it to. Reliable, durable, and lightweight, this radio is perfect for camping trips, emergency situations, long hikes, or even for simple neighborhood watch needs. You can’t go wrong at the price point either. These radios would make a great gift for someone (even if that someone happens to be yourself).

Included with this radio are the following:

  • 8 Two-Way Radios
  • 8 VOX Headsets
  • 8 NiMH Batteries
  • 4 Charging Cradles
  • 8 Belt Clips

The GMR4040 is weather resistant, to a point, as well. If you are caught in a sudden rainstorm or a snowstorm, the radios will still function and will not suffer too much damage. This is a great for individuals who are camping or if you need to be working outdoors during poor weather. It is a sign of the durability of these radios.

The display is backlit and is very easy to read. Even under the worst circumstances, the display has no problem showing up. Though the backlight is not extremely bright, it does everything it needs to. Additionally, the large buttons which are included with the unit have glow in the dark functionality as well. If you find yourself fumbling around with your current radio when it is dark out and you are unable to use it effectively, the GMR4040 is the solution to your problem.

Under normal conditions, you should be able to get around 10 hours of battery life out of this unit. It charges relatively quickly, usually taking under 2 hours to charge. It should be noted that the actual battery life of all rechargeable batteries is somewhat variable depending on the type of activities you are using your radio for. Should your rechargeable pack go dead, you can always supplement your radio with the use of 3 AAA batteries instead.

The GMR4040 has 22 channels available for communication. Of these 22 channels, 15 of them are GMRS and 7 of them are FRS channels. Additionally, these radios come with 7 NOAA weather channels which can be used during emergency situations (or any other time) to both stay in communication with authorities and to receive information regarding the weather. That is a great option to have available and will keep you apprised of any information you need when out in the field.

Using the GMRS channels for communication, this radio can reach a maximum distance of around 40 miles. The FRS channels can reach around 5 miles. With that being said, expect an average range which is smaller than that. The maximum range is generally under perfect conditions. The addition of privacy channels gives you plenty of options for private communications without making the radios too difficult to use.

As with most Uniden products, these radios come with a 3 year limited warranty that covers defects arising from design issues or from normal usage. This warranty will see Uniden replace or repair your product should any problems arise. The warranty is, however, void if you  make any modifications to the device or attempt to program it without the assistance of qualified Uniden technicians.

The Uniden GMR4040 is a great choice for camping enthusiasts or anyone doing fieldwork. It is also a good choice for individuals looking to expand their emergency kits or to form a neighborhood watch. At a great price point, the 4040 is lightweight. That does not come at the expense of other features. This two way radio kit is perfect for any situation.

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