UNIDEN GMR4088-2CKHS 40-Mile 2-Way FRS/GMRS Radios with Headsets

  • GMR4088-2CKHS two-way radios boast a maximum range of 40 miles, so you can stay in touch with other group members.
  •  22 channels  and you’ve also got access to 15 GMRS channels, which are 1 to 7 and 15 to 22.
  •  Have 121 privacy codes, so you’ve got a total of 2,662 possible channel combinations.
  • Uniden GMR4088-2CKHS 2-way radio doubles up as an NOAA weather alert radio.
  • Uniden GMR4088-2CKHS features an emergency strobe light for night use and for sending SOS.


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The Uniden GMR4088-2CKHS two-way two-pack is packed full of features. These camo two-way radios boast an array of functions for ease of use, convenience, and safety. You don’t just get a basic two-way – you get two two-way radios that do double duty as NOAA weather radios, offer emergency, have long battery life, privacy codes, a headset jack, and a substantial 40-mile range. These two-way radios are a great choice, whether you’re a prepper, participate in neighbourhood watch, enjoy adventuring in the Great Outdoors, go camping, hiking, hunting, or enjoy outdoor sports.

Here’s what’s in the box of the UNIDEN GMR4088-2CKHS 40-Mile 2-Way FRS/GMRS Radios:

  • 2 UNIDEN GMR4088-2CKHS radios
  • 6 rechargeable AA NiMH batteries
  • 1 dual-docking charging cradle
  • 1 AC adapter with miniUSB connector cable
  • 2 belt clips
  • 2 VOX earbuds headsets with inline mics and volume controls
  • 1 user guide

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Tested by Uniden across a hill to valley setup, the GMR4088-2CKHS two-way radios boast a maximum range of 40 miles, so you can stay in touch with other group members separated by significant distances. Remember that the distance at which you can still communicate is determined by atmospheric conditions, topography, signal interference, obstructions in your line of sight (think trees, rock formations, and buildings). You’ll get the longest distance with a clear line of sight, like an unobstructed mountain to valley range, or over open water. The distance is also determined by which channel type you use. You’ll achieve up to 40 miles when using the GMRS channels, but using the FRS channels will only get you a distance of around 5 miles.

Channel Options

With the Uniden GMR4088-2CKHS, you don’t just get the standard 22 channels. You also get 121 privacy codes, so you’ve got a total of 2,662 possible channel combinations. This makes it ridiculously easy to find a quiet channel over which to communicate with the rest of your group. And you can communicate with anyone on the same channel and privacy code, regardless of what brand their radio is.

You’ve got access to 7 FRS channels, which are 8 to 14. These channels don’t require you to have a license to legally use them, so you can get going on these channels, with their 5-mile range quickly. If you want to make the most of the 40-mile range and want more channel options, you’ve also got access to 15 GMRS channels, which are 1 to 7 and 15 to 22. It’s important to note, however, that you do need to get yourself an appropriate license to operate on these channels before you start transmitting.

The Weather

Because none of us like to be caught unawares by the weather, this Uniden 2-way radio doubles up as an NOAA weather alert radio. Tune into any of the 7 NOAA weather channels for all the latest updates as they’re transmitted. This exceptionally useful feature lets you stay prepared and safe, and helps reduce the chance of Mother Nature getting the drop on you with a boat-load of snow, hail the size of golf balls, or torrential downpours without you having the chance to take cover.

Now, luck won’t always be on your side. There will be times when the rain comes down and you’ll be caught in it, and a radio that can’t get rained on really isn’t much use. But thankfully, the GMR4088-2CKHS radios are JIS level 4 water resistant, meaning that it’s splashproof from every direction.


With the regular Push To Talk function, your radio antenna uses as little as 0.44 Watts of ERP, or effective radiating power. This refers to the amount of power the antenna uses to effectively communicate on a given channel. Using less than a watt, these radios are energy efficient, and this low power consumption during transmission helps to conserve battery power. However, sometimes, like when you’re in the forest, there’s a lot of interference, or you’re in the urban jungle, you need a bit more power. That’s where the Power Boost function comes in. Activate Power Boost and maximize signal strength to get your message delivered across longer distances or to combat interference and obstructions. Power Boost will use a little more ERP, at 1.6 Watts, but only while you’re transmitting.

You can use the included rechargeable NiMH batteries and charge the whole unit with the dual docking cradle, microUSB or AC adapter cable. You’ll get around 10 hours of use from a full charge – although that will depend heavily on how often you use features like Power Boost and Weather Alert. Thankfully, you can also use alkaline disposables in these radios, so you can stash a couple of packs of quality AA alkaline batteries in your pack, so you’ll never run out of power.

Safety Features

To help keep you safe, the Uniden GMR4088-2CKHS features an emergency strobe light. Use this light as a regular flashlight to illuminate your path or set it to strobe an SOS. This emergency lighting solution isn’t impacted by the use of keylock and it still operates when the radio is turned off. It uses bright LEDs, too, so it provides brilliant illumination with minimal power consumption.

Hands-Free Operation

For those times when you need your hands free, like if you’re hiking in rough terrain or you’re carrying something in your arms, you can make use of hands-free operation, or voice-operated transmission. The VOX feature begins to transmit as soon as you speak, so there’s no need for holding down you PTT button.


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