Samsung Galaxy Camera with 4G:A Review

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Unlike a few years back when photos had to be taken with a film camera and processed in a dark room, there is almost no need to print photographs these days. Of course, there are those who choose to create photo albums or framed pictures for posterity, but digital has always been the major preference. In fact, instant sharing of photographs has become the norm which is why Twitter photos, Instagram shots and entire albums of holiday escapades on Facebook continue to soar in popularity.


Samsung Galaxy Camera 4G View vernieman

The habit of posting pictures online has also given high-tech products a boost in sales, starting with smartphones and point-and-shoot cameras. Traditionally, you would have to upload the pictures from your digital camera onto your social networking account. Or, you can use your mobile phone to take a snapshot then upload the photo on your Twitter, Instagram of Facebook account.

But what if you can skip a step and upload the photo directly from your digital camera? This is what the Samsung Galaxy Camera with 4G brings to the table – the capability to instantly share your photos online, minus the need to upload the images using a computer or a mobile phone. How is this done, exactly? The Samsung Galaxy Camera with 4G has a feature which allows you to choose which images to upload and using its wireless connectivity, the uploading or sharing process has become instantaneous.

Samsung Galaxy Camera front view

Samsung Galaxy Camera 4G View vernieman

Specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Camera with 4G

To give you an idea about how feature-packed the Samsung Galaxy Camera with 4G is, take a look at its extensive list of features:

• 21x Zoom optical zoom.
• 1280 x 720 pixel, 262K TFT display.
• Front LCD screen: 2.35” x 4.16”
• 16.1-megapixel video resolution.
• Streaming video.
• Internal Memory: 8 GM
• External Memory: 32 GB
• Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, HTML and WAP connectivity.
• Operating System: Android 4.1
• Compatible with DivX/Xvid, MP43 video files.
• Auto and manual focusing with expert mode
• Shooting modes: action freeze, beauty face, best face, burst shot, macro, multi, mosaic, light trace, natural green, night shot, panorama, rich tone, silhouette, smart night, smile shot, vivid fireworks, waterfall.
• Special features like animated wallpapers, Samsung Media Hub, Voice Memo, e-mail, corporate e-mail, predictive text, Microsoft Office-compatible.

First, let’s talk about the basic image capturing capabilities of the camera. The Galaxy camera has a 23-mm wide-angle lens which has 21x optical zoom and optical image stabilization. Depending on your photography skills, you can use the fully automated mode which captures images based on the existing lighting conditions. If you’re a photography buff, you can use the Galaxy camera as a handier version of your DSLR with its fully manual setting. You can easily adjust the aperture or shutter priority as you fiddle with the controls of the camera.

Samsung Galaxy Camera 4G side View

Samsung Galaxy Camera 4G side View vernieman

Another fun feature of the Galaxy camera is Samsung S Voice which lets you tell the camera what to do. For example, once you say the word “Smile”, the camera will take a snapshot and it can also respond to commands like record video or zoom in.

Easy, Instantaneous and Fun Sharing

The edge that the Samsung Galaxy Camera has over other point-and-shoot cameras is its instant sharing features. Right after taking a photo, you can show off the snapshot to your friends through the 4.8” HD Super Clear Touch Screen display at the back of the camera. You won’t have to wait for the photos to be uploaded onto a computer before you can view the images that you took.

When it comes to instant sharing, you can use the Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity capabilities of the camera. The Buddy Photo Share feature lest you instantly upload images from your camera straight to your social networking accounts. Share Shot can also be used to share the images to other devices via Bluetooth or other connectivity options, and the AllShare Play device is another nifty features that you can use.

Techies would have a blast knowing that the Samsung Galaxy camera uses the Android platform along with 4G mobile Internet connectivity. Aside from letting you use voice commands, you can also take full advantage of the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean platform.

Edit Pictures Straight from Your Camera

Since you can already view the images from the vibrant display of the Samsung Galaxy Camera, why not edit the pictures from there as well? Users can take full advantage of the Photo Wizard feature which lets you edit the images directly in the camera. You can adjust the brightness, color, crop, add effects and do a lot more. If you took HD videos using the camera, you can also use a video editing feature simply called Video Editor. It allows you to delete or rearrange scenes, insert text, add music and create your very own YouTube-ready clip straight from the camera.
The dimensions of the camera are a very handy 5.07” x 2.79”, with a thickness of 0.75”.  Add to this the beautiful 4.8” display at the back and you have everything that you can ever ask for from a digital camera and more. With its instant sharing capabilities, capturing moments on your camera has never been easier than with the Samsung Galaxy camera with 4G.