Samsung Smartphone Naming Concept

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Do you find hard to remember how the Samsung smartphone that impressed you was called? The company announced a new naming strategy for its range of Galaxy smartphones, with a bonus of four new smartphones.
All you need to know about Samsung smartphones is that there will be five classes of smartphones that will be identified by one letter. Samsung code includes three indicators that provide additional information.

Samsung Smartphones (Source:

Samsung Smartphones (Source:

    “S” is for Super Smart and these are devices placed at the head of the spear of the Samsung mobile phones portfolio. This class will only be used for devices such as Samsung's flagship Galaxy S;

    “R” stands for Royal / Refined and presents the premium category;

    “W” is for Wonder which represents a class of high quality, strategic smartphone models;

    “M” means Magical which is an economical price performance category;

    “Y” is about Youth where strategic and basic models or models for emerging markets or for younger audiences and value price sensitive.

They also came up with some indicators that allow a more specific class of key selling features of a smartphone:

    “Pro” means that the device includes a QWERTY keyboard;

    “Plus” tells you that this model is an improved version of an existing model;

    “LTE” is the device is designed to use the LTE connectivity standard (Long-Term Evolution), a 4G standard.

And as if to test the knowledge that we gained, Samsung also announced four new smartphones: Galaxy W, Galaxy M Pro, Galaxy Y Pro and Y Galaxy. If we are to apply what we learned Galaxy W features a 1.4-GHz processor, 14.4 Mbps HSDPA and 3.7 inch touch screen. Samsung hubs include games, music and socializing.

Samsung Smartphones (Source:

Samsung Smartphones (Source:

The Galaxy M Pro features a QWERTY keyboard and has a touch screen and an optical track pad. It is packaged in a slim casing of 0.997 cm. Galaxy M Pro offers enhanced productivity through a variety of solutions for companies, including Exchange ActiveSync, CISCO WebEx, Afaria or CISCO Mobile.

Galaxy Y is a compact smartphone for young consumers. It’s equipped with the Samsung TouchWiz user interface, and has Swype, fast typing being facilitated with this app. Y Galaxy is available in a variety of colors. The Galaxy Y Pro has a QWERTY keyboard and enhanced social and professional characteristics. Users can stay connected constantly to the Social Hub Premium that allows emails, social networks and instant messaging. The touch screen interface is intuitive and optimized and, in addition, the phone has Think Free which allows editing of various Office documents such as .doc, .PPT or .PDF from the phone. To support the work desk, Wi-Fi Direct provides faster transfer rates.