Something Extra to go with your iPhone 5: A Round up of Accessories

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Apart from the Apple fans who eagerly await the release of the latest gadget from the company, one more segment looks for the release. This segment is the accessory makers who invest a lot of money into making accessories for the iPhone. With the release of iPhone 5, the much-anticipated release of the season witnessed another rush to be the first to market the accessories  from these companies. Right from those who make iPhone cases and battery pack covers, to chargers and photo lenses for the iPhone, these accessory makers initiated the first wave of innovation. Some of these innovations are so technologically advanced that it makes one wonder whether the product is bigger or the accessory is bigger. We present a roundup of some of the most popular iPhone accessories.

Battery Cases

The simple things first. The makers of battery cases for the iPhone 5 include Lenmar, which has come out with a sleek battery case that fits the iPhone 5 smugly and at the same time charges it as well. Given the frustration over the lightning docket connector that Apple had to endure with its iPhone 5, the Lenmar battery case is indeed a welcome addition to the list of accessories. Priced at $70, this battery case doubles the chat, texting, and surf time of the new iPhone 5 and gives the users the ability to charge on the go, which is much sought after.

Lenmar powerr battery case for iPhone5

Lenmar powerr battery case for iPhone5

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Photo Lenses

The Gizmon photo lenses are an iPhone user’s delight. They add power to the photo ranges and provide for more high-resolution pictures. Given that many iPhone users double up their Smartphones as cameras that they use professionally, this sleek pair of lenses is a user’s dream come true. Priced at $25, they are cheap considering the value addition that they bring to the iPhone 5. Indeed, the blurbs for the camera lenses call them as producing a dream like effect in the images captured by the new iPhone 5.

Gizmon photo lenses for iPhone to take high resolution pictures

Gizmon photo lenses for iPhone to take high resolution pictures

Pulse Monitors

Now, to more advanced stuff. As the Nike shoes with the ability to monitor pulse and heartbeat when running with the shoes on, the new pulse monitors that are being marketed for the iPhone 5 produce a similar effect. This is music to the ears of all those runners who have long wanted monitors for their jogging and walking while listening to their favorite music at the same time. Of course, the pulse monitors do not come cheap and they are priced at around $100 per piece, which can be said to be a bit on the higher side. However, for those who swear by these gadgets, the price should not be a dampener considering the utility of such accessories.

MyTrek Pulse Monitor iPhoneapp

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Now that we have made a roundup of the most popular accessories, it is time to look at whether these accessories do make a difference or are they just marketing ploys by the piggybacking companies. No doubt, a company like Apple would have lots of others who would want to ride its coattails. However, the consumers voting with their wallets for these accessories mean that they do indeed serve a valuable utilitarian purpose. Maybe it is time for Apple to get into the accessory business and earn a bit more on its gadgets. Alternatively, is it that having another company making the accessories makes good business sense all round. Whatever is the intent, the fact that there are companies other than Apple who are laughing all the way to the bank means that this concept is a winner.