Acer Aspire S5 Review

In January this year at CES 2012 Acer introduced the 13-inch Aspire S5 ultrabook which costs $1,399. One of the highlights of this slim and light laptop would have to be the MagicFlip I/O Port which is a small motorized door located at the back of the bottom panel that can be opened by a simple touch of a button, exposing a ports & connections block where you will notice the HDMI and Thunderbolt. This […]

Ivy Bridge-powered Samsung Series 7 Review

Can this be the first 17-inch ultrabook on sale? Although it isn’t marketed as an ultrabook with a 17-inch, the revised version of the Samsung Series 7 does certainly meet the requirements to fit in this category. It has a starting price of $1,499 and for this money you’ll be getting a quad core Ivy Bridge Intel Core i7 processor and a dedicated GPU from Nvidia, a GeForce 650M, all wrapped in a body which […]

Mini Laptop – Toshiba Satellite T215D

Back in 2010 Toshiba launched the T215D ultraportable part of the company’s well-known Satellite lineup. If you have seen the 13-inch Satellite T235/T234D then you will probably consider that the T215D is a shrunken version of that model as it adopts just about the same design only this time in an 11.6-inch size. It weighs just 3.3 pounds and measures 11.2 x 8.2 x 1 inches which makes it light and portable enough to carry […]

Mini Laptop – Dell Inspiron M101z

Dell hasn’t launched a lot of 11-inch laptops but one of the few models is this M101z part of the company’s Inspiron lineup. When it came out it had a starting price of $449 and improved many of the things that went wrong with previous models. It comes in various bold colors and it has a sleek forward hinge design. Other goodies include a dual core processor from AMD and some impressive stereo speakers. As […]

Alienware M11x R3 Review, The Last One

As most of you are probably aware, the Alienware M11x R3 came out back in 2011 and it is the last version of Dell’s 11-inch laptop as the company has decided a few months ago to discontinue this model. When it came out it had a starting price of $1,099 and came with a second-gen Core i5 processor and a dedicated video card from Nvidia. This third and final iteration of the model borrows its […]

Sony VAIO E15, A Stylish Notebook

The very first mainstream notebook from Sony to receive an Ivy Bridge processor is this E15 model which is part of the company’s VAIO lineup. It is a 15-inch laptop that comes with a very nice design and is aimed towards media consumers and creators since it has a wide array of audio & video editing software installed on the hard drive. Sony used brushed aluminum for the lid of the VAIO E15 which makes […]

Asus UL20FT-A1, Great Value For A 12-inch Mini Laptop

Today we have a look at a very attractive 12-inch mini laptop launched by Asus back in 2010. It is the model UL20FT-A1 which comes with a classy and sturdy brushed metal casing that some of you may consider as being a bit unassuming. It has a curb weight of 3.4 pounds and it does not attract any fingerprints or smudges unlike many other mini laptops, ultrabooks and laptops nowadays that have a glossy finish. […]

New Mini Laptop – Lenovo IdeaPad U310

Call it an ultrabook, a mini laptop or a slim notebook, the Lenovo IdeaPad U310 is a fine example of the fact that laptops in this category are getting cheaper. When it comes down to the design of the U310, we have nothing but nice words to say about Lenovo’s designers as the Aqua Blue lid made from aluminum looks exceptional and feels very solid. In its top right corner you’ll notice the company’s diamond-cut […]

Mini Laptop Windows 7 – 2012 Dell Inspiron 14z

If you are in the market for a brand new ultrabook but you don’t want to pay top dollars for it, have a look at the 2012 version of the Dell Inspiron 14z which looks a little bit better than the price tag you pay for it. Although it is advertized as an ultrabook, it doesn’t really feel like one since it packs an optical drive and weighs 4.1 pounds. However, it still manages to […]

Mini Laptop Computers – Eurocom Monster

Yesterday when we reviewed the AVADirect Clevo W110ER we made a few references to one of its biggest rivals, the Eurocom Monster. For this reason we thought that for today we have an in-depth look at Eurocom’s rival. Both models share the same chassis and pack a lot of punch under their hoods. The Monster costs $1,444 so it’s one of the most expensive 11-inch laptops available on the market today. As the old saying […]

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