Acer Iconia Tab A700 In-Depth Review

The Acer Iconia Tab A700 is one of the few tablets on sale today that has a high resolution display which could make it a worthy adversary of Apple’s third-gen iPad which has the gorgeous Retina Display. The new A700 is basically the A510 mode but with a 1,920 x 1,200-pixel resolution display. However, it seems that Acer did not provide additional hardware power for the tablet in order to handle the new high-res display, […]

Lenovo ThinkPad T430, Sticking To The Old Recipe

If you are in the market for a business laptop that has a nondescript design, have a look at the Lenovo ThinkPad T430 which is following the company’s tradition of valuing form over function. As you would expect from a ThinkPad model, the build quality is excellent and the exterior of the laptop is wrapped around in a carbon fiber reinforced plastic that does not show any signs of flex. The lid’s back is a […]

Ivy Bridge-powered Samsung Series 7 Review

Can this be the first 17-inch ultrabook on sale? Although it isn’t marketed as an ultrabook with a 17-inch, the revised version of the Samsung Series 7 does certainly meet the requirements to fit in this category. It has a starting price of $1,499 and for this money you’ll be getting a quad core Ivy Bridge Intel Core i7 processor and a dedicated GPU from Nvidia, a GeForce 650M, all wrapped in a body which […]

Alienware M11x R3 Review, The Last One

As most of you are probably aware, the Alienware M11x R3 came out back in 2011 and it is the last version of Dell’s 11-inch laptop as the company has decided a few months ago to discontinue this model. When it came out it had a starting price of $1,099 and came with a second-gen Core i5 processor and a dedicated video card from Nvidia. This third and final iteration of the model borrows its […]

Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A – Expensive And Beautiful

If you are in the market for a gorgeous ultrabook and you are willing to spend no less than $1,500 for it, have a quick look at the Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A which can be considered as one of the most important competitors for Apple’s MacBook Air. This model starts from $1,099 but the following hardware configuration adds $400 to the ultrabook’s final price tag. Before we get to that, we should mention that this […]

Mini Laptop Windows 7 – 2012 Dell Inspiron 14z

If you are in the market for a brand new ultrabook but you don’t want to pay top dollars for it, have a look at the 2012 version of the Dell Inspiron 14z which looks a little bit better than the price tag you pay for it. Although it is advertized as an ultrabook, it doesn’t really feel like one since it packs an optical drive and weighs 4.1 pounds. However, it still manages to […]

Mini Laptop Computers – Eurocom Monster

Yesterday when we reviewed the AVADirect Clevo W110ER we made a few references to one of its biggest rivals, the Eurocom Monster. For this reason we thought that for today we have an in-depth look at Eurocom’s rival. Both models share the same chassis and pack a lot of punch under their hoods. The Monster costs $1,444 so it’s one of the most expensive 11-inch laptops available on the market today. As the old saying […]

11-inch Mini Laptop – AVADirect Clevo W110ER

Perhaps the most interesting 11-inch mini laptop we have seen so far this year would have to be the AVADirect Clevo W110ER which although might come in a small package, it does have some pretty powerful hardware components that make it a suitable laptop for those that want to play games while on the go. The chassis of this model is virtually the same as the one that the Eurocom Monster has. This means that […]

Desktop Replacement Laptop – HP Pavilion Dv5t

Today we go back in time and have a look at the HP Pavilion dv5t that came out in the second part of 2008, replacing the dv6000 series in HP’s lineup. It was an entirely new redesign of the series and came with several new features that up until then where not available. This laptop is based on Intel’s Montevina Centrino 2 platform and comes with a dedicated GPU. Upon launch, one of the available […]

Fusion Garage Grid10 Review

In this lengthy article we have an in-depth look at the Fusion Garage Grid10 which is an interesting tablet taking into consideration that it has a rather special OS interface about which we’ll talk later on. But first, let’s have a look at its design. When you hold it in landscape view it has a width of 10.8 inches, while its chassis stretches a little bit more when compared to the 10.75 inches of the […]

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