Taking Screen shots with Your Samsung Galaxy S III: Have Fun Capturing Screenshots and Sharing them

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The top selling Samsung Galaxy S III smart phone marketing line is ‘Designed for humans’.  Samsung has definitely invested a lot of research and applied thought to come up with a smart phone that is so much easier to use than other phones in this segment. And by its very nature of being a smart phone, it comes with many interesting features.  One of them is the screenshot feature.  You do not need a Root access and or a paid third party app to take screenshots with your Samsung Galaxy S III.  The S III’s Android 4 ICS (Ice cream Sandwich) gives you a free and inbuilt screenshot feature in your phone.


Samsung Galaxy s3 Beautiful View

Image Credit to:cruzgt

The screen shot feature is not new to smart phones, but the simple and easy way of doing it is what makes Samsung Galaxy S III different. All you have to do is swipe and send the image to your friends, colleagues etc. This is an exciting feature and easy to use.

Why a screen shot feature

You have something interesting on your screen, a picture, a funny message, or you have a high game score etc., and you would like to share it with others.  Screenshot is the most authentic and fastest way. It is a great way to share and communicate.

Simple Steps for that great Screenshot

Samsung has equipped its Galaxy S III with a number of new ‘motion’ technologies.

The screenshot feature combined with S III’s popular S Voice and eye tracking feature (keeps your screen alive as long as you are looking at it) and the palm swipe screenshot feature makes it so easy to use giving you detailed and sharp screenshot images.

Samsung Galaxy S III

Image Credit to:vernieman

Enabling the Palm Swipe Mode

The swipe mode may already be enabled in your Samsung Galaxy S III, if not you can activate the swipe mode.  Go to the Notifications tray touch the Settings icon or alternately go to the Settings app on the home screen.

Scroll down to the Motion tab and tap.  A check mark should appear in the top of the Motion activation box.  Scroll down to Hand Motions settings, tap and ensure there is a check mark in the Palm swipe to capture box.  Voila, your Palm swipe screenshot mode is now enabled.

How to take a Screenshot using Palm swipe

Open the page or app that you want to take a screen shot. Hold your phone in the vertical position with the selected page or app. Move your palm on the screen from right to left or left to right it does not matter.  A white line will go across the display indicating that the screen shot has been taken Whatever is currently on your screen has been captured.

To view the captured screenshots, go to the Gallery app.

Alternate method for taking a screenshot

The alternate method is the old Android system of tapping and holding both the Power and Home buttons at the same time till the screen flashes and captures your screenshot. You can view your screenshots by going to the Gallery app.

Sending and sharing your screenshots

Now that you have had fun shooting your screenshots, take the enjoyment further by sharing it.  Go to the Gallery Apps, open Screenshots album.  Select and share through email or post them to Facebook, Twitter etc., or message them, or upload them to Dropbox etc.

Go ahead and have fun with your Samsung Galaxy S III great screenshot feature, it is so simple to use.