5 Best water proof camera’s for camping

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Cameras have become a bit of a specialized market lately. With the advent of cell phone cameras and the widespread use of smart phones, regular old cameras have been set back a bit. There is still a market for high quality cameras for photo buffs, and there is another niche market, the outdoors enthusiast,campers and hikers. We as people love our social media, and we love to share our adventures with others. So what’s the best cameras for the adventurers and camping? What traits does it have to have? It’s has to be tough, dependable, waterproof, and of course it needs to be able to take kick ass photos. So here’s my list of the Top 5 water proof camera’s for camping.

1.Go Pro Hero 4

The Go Pro brand name was become synonymous with adventure sports, everyone who does something exciting straps a Go Pro on and gets it done. We are talking hikers, skateboarders, divers, hunters, and even soldiers strap these cameras on to photograph and shoot action footage in High Def. The Go Pro is the go to name in adventure cameras.

The Go Pro is secured by a shockproof and waterproof case, capable of withstanding the most extreme of environments. The Go Pro 4 is the first Go Pro camera to come equipped with a touch screen display. The camera auto adjusts frame rates for low light environments, and has an ultra wide angle glass lens that can adjust for three different field of view settings, ultra wide, medium, and narrow. The settings on the Go Pro Hero 4 can be changed quickly allowing for a wide range of adjustments on the fly.

Go Pro Hero 4

Go Pro Hero 4

The camera is also designed for instant use, with the push of one button the camera can power up and start shooting instantly. This is an awesome feature for outdoors photography. Natures moves at it’s own speed, and sometimes you have to be able to move quicker than nature to get the good shots. When taking footage you can also place marks on certain moments for easier sharing and editing.

The Go Pro Hero can be mounted in a variety of different ways, on helmets, chest mounts, gun mounts, head band mounts, the Go Pro can even be mounted on the front of a motorcycle. The Go Pro can go nearly anywhere. These mounts are made by both Go Pro and a variety of different companies producing third party accessories.

The Go Pro can be controlled wirelessly with an optional remote, which allows the user to do a variety of functions while their hands are full with skydiving, mountain, snowboarding, you know anything else you may be busy with. The Go Pro Hero 4 can handle any wipe out, and any environment.

The Go Pro takes 12 mega pixel still images, and can take pictures at up to 30 frames per second. The Go Pro shines bright when it comes to filming video and is capable of filming in full 4K high definition. The Go Pro also comes packed with a dynamic microphone capable of capturing nearly 2x the range of normal cameras. The Go Pro is also compatible with a variety of different aftermarket microphones as well. The Go Pro is hard to beat if you’re looking for a mountable camera to film you adventures.

2.Olympus Tough

Olympus is an age old camera brand. They have been producing cameras for decades and have kept the brand alive by watching the market and learning the niches of their industry. The adventurer and outdoorsman niche being a profitable market, their Olympus Stylus TG 850 aka the Olympus Tough. This isn’t the first Olympus Tough camera, but it is the newest generation of tough camera.

The Olympus Tough is similar to a traditional digital camera and manages to earn it’s tough moniker without being bulky or heavy. In fact the Olympus Tough is considered a compact camera and is lightweight and easy to carry around in a swimsuit or board shorts. The Olympus Tough is waterproof to 33 feet, allowing the user to take it snorkelling, shallow diving, and spearfishing. The Camera is also capable of operating in 14 degree temperatures as well. The Olympus Tough comes with a yellow hand strap outfitted with a buoyancy device to allow it to keep afloat if dropped in the water.

Olympus Stylus TG 850

Olympus Stylus TG 850

The Tough can be dropped and be tumbled around due to it’s shockproof nature. The Olympus is also crushproof for up to 220 pounds. The Tough is Olympus’ first tough camera with a bright lit, full sized LCD screen. The LCD screen is a must have when taking pictures underwater, and pretty much the only way you’ll make heads or tails of what your shooting. The Olympus tough takes awesome pictures, but does quite well in the video department as well. Even in rapid moving environments, think filming as you jump into the ocean. There is no freezing, or skipping in the footage.

The Tough takes excellent pictures with it’s 16 mega pixel power. The Tough is a superb camera that can fire off pictures rapidly. For a compact camera it packs a wide 21mm lens which is the largest in it’s class. The Tough also packs a 5 power optical zoom, that works wonders under water.

Out of all the tough cameras out there I really love the Olympus for it’s size. It’s a compact powerhouse that I can toss in my backpack and hit the trails, or in my shirt pocket for a day on the bike. The Tough can fit anywhere, and do anything. The price is also at an excellent point. Often under 200 dollars, this camera is perfect as a starter camera, or for the budget adventurer. The Olympus tough is a serious design though, and is plenty capable for the experienced outdoorsman.

3.Nikon CoolPix AW120

The Nikon CoolPix AW 120 is a continuation of the popular Coolpix brand. Nikon has branched into the outdoor’s camera market with this new Coolpix. The original Coolpix was beloved for it’s easy to use interface, awesome price point, and high quality. The CoolPix AW120 is no different, except that it’s tough with nails and pumped full of awesome outdoors photos.

The Nikon CoolPic AW 120 is what you expect from the CoolPix brand. 16 mega pixels, 5.8x Optical zoom, a three inch LCD, and capable of filming in 1080P. Included is stereo equipped microphone. Of course a camera can be made of vibranium and impossible to break, but it doesn’t mean much if the pictures don’t look good. Luckily the CoolPic AW 120 delivers where it counts.

Nikon CoolPix AW120

Nikon CoolPix AW120

In terms of being a tough guy, the CoolPix AW 120 is strong as any other camera. The AW 120 is superbly tough and capable of taking a bruising. The AW 120 is waterproof up to 59 feet, which is perfect for the spear fisher and casual diver. It may not be the perfect choice for deep sea divers, but for most of snorkelers it will work wonders. Underwater the AW 120 takes impressively clear photos. The large 3 inch LCD screen makes snapping underwater photos a breeze.

The CoolPix AW120 can be used and abused, dropped and tossed. Thrown in the trunk to bounce around at will. The AW 120 can be jarred and kicked and generally treated like crap and still find a way to function. The AW 120 is drop and shockproof from up to 6.6 feet. It may not tumble down a mountain, but it can be the subject of a missed catch.

The CoolPix AW 120 can also be subject to extreme temperatures, and can still operate at well below freezing. The CoolPix is made for an outdoors environment and has a few functions you’re unlikely to find in another camera. First off the camera has a built in GPS that is full featured with a variety of functions. This includes full mapping features, an electronic compass and a Point of interest function. This small camera can take the place of two devices with these added features.

The CoolPix AW120 is an excellent camera at a great price point. The AW120 is chock full of high quality features that CoolPix cameras are known for. Add on top of it the fact it’s extremely tough and can be used in any environment and you have a dedicated winner.

4.FujiFilm XP70

The FujiFilm XP70 is the super camera conglomerates entry into the tough camera market with their XP70 digital camera. The XP70 by FujiFilm is an excellent compact camera that is built to be rock solid and tough as nails. When armed with the XP70 you can leave your smartphone in the Jeep and get on with your day.

The XP70 is available with a myriad of features that makes the camera valuable as not only a tough camera, but a quality camera in general. The camera shoots photos in 16 beautiful mega pixels. They photos can be placed under an array of different filters. The Fuji XP70 can also film movies in full 1080p.

FujiFilm XP70 Camping Camera

FujiFilm XP70 Camping Camera

The XP70 is an excellent movie making camera for the adventurer. The XP70 comes with a CMOS sensor which allows the camera to film 1920 x 1080p. The camera’s dedicated movie making button effortlessly transfers the camera from still shots to videos in under a second. This features is an incredibly handy when that perfect moment to shoot comes, and there is no fumbling to find the movie button.

The Fine Pix XP70 features the ability to slow down the action to 380 feet per second for a slow motion play by play of events. The camera features numerous edit options including the ability to trim unwanted footage and combine clips into one long video. The mic is equipped with wind sound reduction technology to keep the wind from ruining your auto.

Now when it comes to resisting nature the camera is capable of keeping up with the most hardcore outdoorsman. The XP70 is water resistant up to 33 feet, which is not the deepest, but more than enough for most people. The camera is shockproof up to five feet, and freezeproof to 14 degrees. The camera is also completely dust and sand proof which is a desirable feature for soldiers and Marines going overseas.

Another interesting feature is the ability to connect to a wifi source and instantly upload your photos and videos. You can also share and send files. This rugged camera is extremely high tech, but surprisingly tough.

5.Ricoh WG-4 GPS

The Ricoh WG-4 is a unique camera that is both eye pleasing and somewhat odd. This unique appearance serves as a slip free, easy to grip surface. The Ricoh WG-4 is a 16 mega pixel camera with a unique imaging engine that gives the camera a high sensitivity of ISO 6401. The Ricoh WG-4 is set to deliver some of the highest quality photos of any rugged and tough camera out there.

Ricoh WG-4 GPS Water proof Camera

Ricoh WG-4 GPS Water proof Camera

The Ricoh has a four power optical zoom with a very interesting flash system. The flash consists of 6 LED Macro lights around the lens that provides a uniform flash that gives your pictures less of a white out effect and a more consistent appearance. Also included is a shake reduction system that stabilizes action shot brilliantly.

The Ricoh is capable of being submerged up to 45 feet of water, and is both shockproof and ruggedized protection that protects the camera from drops over 6 feet. The camera is also dust and sand proof, and crushproof up to 220 pounds.The Ricoh is equipped with a unique GPS feature that automatically tags every picture taken with position date and travel logs. The camera also provides an electronic compass, and meters for pressure, altitude, and water depth.

The Ricoh is an excellent camera capable of taking beautiful pictures both on the ground and in the water. The Ricoh is an extremely durable camera capable of keeping up with roughest of adventures. The Ricoh is unique design filled with a variety features not found in most cameras.