Top Apps For Windows Phone (HTC Smartphone)

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Since many of you asked me all about top applications for Windows Phone, I think it's best to respond publicly. Maybe someone comes by this article and gets a good idea or give an interesting proposal ( please, if you have some favorite applications post them so I look over them myself ).

Currently, these apps are all free, so they can be installed without any problems on any device running on Windows Phone. Let's take them one by one:

Connectivity Shortcuts: puts tiles on the main screen to access the settings related to connectivity; I put a Tile where I can enable / disable the Wi – Fi connection quickly. Works for Bluetooth too.

Smartphones (Source:

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Free GPS Speedometer allows recording speeds, altitudes and GPS locations on a route. It can be used when you go skiing or out on a walk around your favorite place to see where you were, how far you’ve traveled, the average walking speed, maximum, etc. I have searched for some time something like it in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Adobe Reader is used for reading PDF documents and as lately I have traveled a lot and had to keep in touch with my colleagues I needed working with PDF documents. Adobe Reader kept me out of trouble so to speak; even if you can not save PDF on the smartphone, if you keep them on email you can easily read them with Adobe Reader.

HTC YouTube: my girlfriend has made a passion of watching YouTube  videos on my smartphone and I had to find an application that enables her to do so in an intuitive fast way. I found the solution in the HTC YouTube app version: I would have liked to be closer to what I had on the Android smartphone but I consider it better than the version given by Microsoft. The application can be downloaded from HTC Apps on HTC devices only.

 Smartphones (Source:

Smartphones (Source:

HTC Connected Media is the module that makes DLNA technology useable for playback on multimedia compatible devices on the network. It works for video, pictures and music but unfortunately the application works only on HTC devices. The application can be downloaded from HTC Apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

IM + is an all – in – one messenger for MSN, Skype and Windows Live or ICQ ( has anyone have an account there anymore? ). It can work even when the device screen is locked if you explicitly enable that in the settings menu of the app.