Top Five Things To Refer When Shopping For Hunting Two Way Radios

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During hunting season two-way radios help you to remain in touch with your hunting party. It is a handy communication tool to let you hunting buddies know if you’ve got a deer and you need help field-dressing it or transporting it to your base camp or your vechicle.When looking for a 2-way radio for hunting usage you will find unique characteristics you need to be looking for to be able to get the most from your two way radio. Listed here are 5 things you should think about before purchasing or a 2-way radio/walkie talkie for hunting purposes.

Midland GXT 2050

Midland GXT 2050

  1. Waterproofness

Two-way radios utilized on hunting trips must endure the elements and who knows when you will end up hunting through dust storm or a rain storm. Getting a sturdy two-way radio that’s able to standing to the weather elements is essential. Otherwise, you might end up with a fully charged two way radio that is unusable during hunting because of exposure to dust and water.

  1. Two-way Radio Battery

AA battery capability, along with rechargeable option via USB is a must for hunting radio. Nevertheless, Hunters always carry extra alkaline batteries as backup and it will come handy when your batteries lost power.

  1. Hunting Two way Radio Head set Support.

During hunting you need complete attention and a 2-way radio with quality headset support available can help you talk to ease. Not every radios possess the best compatible headphones available on the market, and that’s why it’s vital that you seek information and discover a good radio with sufficient headset options. Headphones are available in numerous styles, functions and cost points, finding one that work well while out on the hunt will safeguard both you and your hunting party’s safety.

Uniden GMR 3089

Uniden GMR 3089

  1. Range

If you are planning to become hunting in the woods, bear in mind that you may have a difficult time obtaining a clear signal. When you get a good model with a long antenna, you might have the ability to get almost half miles range in dense conditions. Generally the manufacturer advertised range is applicable with clear line of sight and you will get reduced range when you are hunting in the woods. So it is always good idea to get the two way radio with longer range and of course the price increases with range and most people prefer to purchase longer range radios.

  1. Repeater Function

One other important feature to look for in a camping radios is repeater functionality. One can maximize their hunting experience by getting increased transmission coverage when speaking to your hunting buddies who wander beyond your line of sight. Built in repeater channels allows you to utilize repeater station to increase the strength of your two way signals further. You can take advantage of this excellent feature by switching your radios to GMRS channels 15R to 22R.Please Keep in mind that you need a GMRS license and an accessible repeater station to benefit from this excellent feature.

Please follow the local laws when using radios while hunting and it varies by state to state.