Top Mobile Apps for Business

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The use of proper mobile app lets your business easier and more profitable. In the
mobile market there are so many interesting and essential apps available such as
Android Market of Google and App Store of Apple which have exploded the traffic
figures. The developers are still developing new apps excitedly. But the question
is “which is the best one that can boost your business?”

In order to help you out I have listed the Top Mobile Apps for Business.


It serves as a control panel for your business that allows you to view the condition
and critical information about the vigor of your company. It provides options to
include web analytics, Geographical Dashboard, E-Commerce Dashboard and
many more.


GeckoBoard dashboard


An awful seat of a plane can be the reason of unsuccessful business trip. The
SeatGuru mobile app will never let it be. It allows reviewing which seats are not
having windows, how much legroom is provided and even the ability to stretch
out, so you can get the best seat possible. It not gives just comfort but also allows
you to explore seats with A.C. power adapters so that you can work during the

seat guru mobile app

seat guru mobile app


HighRise is another great mobile app which makes your business easier. It allows
managing rental properties so easily that you will dislike the old file and folder
systems. It can save and organize notes and email conversations for around
30,000 customers, gives important follow-up reminders and lots of add-on
features are also available.


Zite is a great app that is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and WP7 (Windows
Phone) and offers a personalized magazine. It shows the articles of your interests
only. By using Zite, you can get top news and advice.


The Evernote is a great app which is most useful for businessmen and
entrepreneurs. It helps to organize and remember every useful thing. It offers
searching functionality by keyword, which perfectly retrieves the content for

appointments, ideas or anything you need. It also provides functionality to record
voice notes, capture images, save documents and main advantage is it can be
accessed from anywhere.


The RightSignature is an interesting and very useful iPad app. It is very crucial
to any business operations as well as easy to use. Using RightSignature any
businessman can easily customize and send documents. These documents are
stored in a place that is secure, private and cloud based. That is why it can be
accessed from any device or location. This app is totally affordable and makes the
business life much easier.


This iPhone app is very useful for business person as it allows access to a file and
let edit and still leaves it on your home computer. It gives complete access to your
computer. You can easily read, edit, copy and paste files on your home computer
from your mobile.


This mobile app is a mini Microsoft Office suit. It allows you to read or edit any
Microsoft Office Word or Excel file from your mobile.