The Top Ten Hand warmers for Cold Weather Camping

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Keeping warm is the key to staying comfortable during those winter camping trips. Whether it’s to the winter cabin or the wide open outdoors with nothing but a tent between you and the cruel mother that is nature. Keeping your hands warm is keeping warm one of the most critical body parts. They are most often exposed to the elements and their small size retains little heat. Using a good hand warmer will allow you to make the small movements necessary when hunting, fishing, or just performing outdoor chores.Here is our list of Top Ten Hand warmers for Cold Weather Camping.

1.Hot Shotz

The Hot Shotz are a unique set of hand warmers that can be reused, but do not require batteries, a charger, or any form of electricity. The Hot Shotz do require an activation period though. To activate these hand warmers they need to be boiled for a few minutes. The Hot Shotz can be boiled hundreds of times, and be reused over and over. Boiling is easier in a camping situation than finding nonexistent batteries in the great outdoors. It’s pretty simple to boil water over a fire and drop these bad boys in.

The Hot Shotz are capable of heating up to a hundred and thirty degrees and provide intense heat for up to half an hour. The Hot Shotz come in sets of two and can be stored indefinitely. The Hot Shotz features a round shape that allows them to be fit in gloves without interrupting your hand’s movement or dexterity. The Hot Shotz can be fit in pockets, boots, or even watch caps. Hot Shotz are incredibly affordable and come in packs of two. The Hot Shotz heaters are perfect to keep in vehicle, or camping pack. They are perfect for just getting in the sleeping bag in those few minutes before your body heat warms it up.

Pros; Lightweight. Capable of being reused. Battery free. Very hot.

Cons; Relatively short heating span.


The Hotpod is probably one of the sleekest and most hi tech variant of a hand warmer. The HotPod keeps up in appearances with the latest and greatest tech wonders. The Hotpod blends in perfectly with your cell phone, tablet, or laptop. The HotPod is entirely aluminum, which aids in conducting heat and saving power. The Hotpod resembles an Mp3 player down to it’s USB plug. In fact the HotPod is completely rechargeable and uses a USB cable as it’s charging point. The micro USB is common and can be interchanged with your cell phone charger, it can be hooked to your laptop, or even Ipad to recharge it.

HotPod handwarmer

HotPod handwarmer

The HotPod lasts for three hours, and reaches temperatures up to a 113 degrees at the highest setting. It’s sleek contour, and round corners make it comfortable to be carried comfortably anywhere. Since it’s easy to carry it makes an excellent carry device when jogging, hiking and camping. The HotPod’s unique charging capability and it’s interactivity with common cell phone chargers make it an excellent option for a hand warmer.

Pros; Long lasting. Sleek Design. Capability with common chargers.

Cons; Requires a source of electricity to charge.

3.Zippo A Frame

The Zippo A frame hand warmer is made by the famed Zippo lighter company and is designed to be a high intensity hand warmer that doesn’t require batteries or electricity. The Zippo A frame is designed with the same appearance as a Zippo lighter, except it doesn’t have a hinged cover. It still has the attractive metal design, with Zippo stenciled across the bottom. The top separates from the body and allows the user to fill the fuel tank. Remember when I said it didn’t use batteries or any form of electricity? Well, like all modern Zippo it runs off Zippo lighter fluid.

Zippo A Frame

Zippo A Frame

The Zippo A frame comes with a funnel to allow the device to be filled with lighter fluid. Once full the Zippo A frame lasts 12 hours and becomes extremely hot. In fact the A Frame by Zippo comes with small sleeve the A frame has to be kept in. The Zippo A frame can become hot enough to be burn and be uncomfortable to bare skin.

Once inside the bag the A frame can be held safely in the hand or put inside a glove, beenie, boot, or in the insides of a sleeping bag. The Zippo A frame doesn’t have a simple off switch, and since it uses burning fuel as it’s heat source it has to be completely deprived of oxygen to be be extinguished. During testing I found throwing the A frame covered with sleeve into a ziploc bag will extinguish it quick and easy.

Pro; Long lasting. Extremely hot. Classic Zippo Appearance

Cons; Hard to extinguish.

4.The Energy Flux

The Energy Flux is a rechargeable double sided hand warmer that be recharged in a variety of ways. Right away the fact it’s rechargeable makes it appealing to most. With the fact laptops, tablets, and cell phones have turned us as a people against the typical disposable battery. We just don’t like it anymore. The Energy Flux can be charged in two different ways, it can be charged with a USB cable, compatible with most smart phones. The second method is an included AC adapter. The battery can be charged over five hundred times.

The Energy Flux hand warmer

The Energy Flux hand warmer

The Energy Flux features a double side cell that is capable of heating both sides of the device. This provides a more comfortable and easy to use design, which disburses heat more evenly. The Energy Flux can keep your hands warm for 5 hours at hundred and nine degrees, or for 4 hours at a hundred and twenty degrees.

A secondary function is the Energy Flux’s ability to charge your devices. That’s right outside of being a hand warmer the Energy Flux can act as a functional backup battery for mobile phones, tablets, and mp3 players. This gives the Energy Flux year round capability as both a hand warmer and a battery. This device is excellent for year round camping.

Pros; Double sided. Long lasting. Acts as a battery.

Cons; One of the most expensive models

5.P3 Hand Warmer

The P3 has a simple name, but in testing we found it to be one of the best hand warmers in terms of value. The P3 is a sleek design, that comes in multiple colors. The design gives the device the appearance of a more modern electronic device with it’s smooth lines and easy to carry nature. The P3 is a rechargeable hand warming device.

While the design features a relatively short battery length, it’s sleek dimensions allow it to be carried easily on any camping trip. The P3 has an incredibly thin design that can fit in any glove or pocket with ease. The P3 features an aluminum body, which aids in generating heat, and does help the deivce reach higher temperatures. The device can reach a max temperature of 106 degrees and lasts for 3 hours total. The included sleeve helps the device retain heat over a longer period of time.

The P3’s small design will be an advantage to those with smaller hands, and therefore smaller gloves and pockets. The small device is a hell of a good deal. The major advantage is it’s small and sleek size, with one disadvantage, it’s battery life.

Pros; Small size. Sleek Design. Nice and hot.

Cons; Low battery life.


The Sunpentown portable electric handheld warmer is a rechargeable device that works off either A/C power or USB cords. The USB function is incredibly handy when charging on the go since it interacts with the majority of cell phone car chargers. The A/C function is just another option that will allow the device to be charged in your average public camp ground.

Sunpentown Hand Warmer

Sunpentown Hand Warmer

The Sunpentown offers a very long battery life capable of lasting from seven to ten hours depending on the setting. At one hundred and thirteen degrees the device can last for ten hours. The Sunpentown is a round device with natural curves that allow the device to be packed perfectly in the palm of the hand. The device maintains heat without the need of an additional sock to help generate warmth or protect the user’s hand.

The device is easily adjustable with a single button to toggle between a variety of different settings. The Sunpentown is quite simple in appearance and resembles a thin egg. The Sunpentown comes in a variety of different colors for the most discerning users. The Sunpentown offers an excellent value for the budget conscious as well.

Pros; Long lasting. Affordable.

Cons; Thick and difficult to place in a glove.

7.First Gear Glove liners

First Gear has a variety of different apparel options out there and has always produced quality goods. The First Gear Glove liners are no different, they were designed to be used by motorcycle riders underneath their larger, stronger gloves. These liners make amazing gloves and are perfect for campers. They are not the most robust since they are designed to be worn under tougher gloves.

The First Gear glove liners spread warmth throughout the hands and evenly warm all the digits. This gives the user a much greater dexterity when doing odd camp jobs, or simply enjoying a cold day fishing or hunting. In fact these gloves excel at both since both sports require the use of small finger manipulations. Try tying a fly with frozen hands, it’s not easy, neither is smooth, steady trigger pull.

Their main drawback is their method of heating. On motorcycles they can be plugged directly into the battery, but when camping you don’t have that option. You have to purchase a separate troller to provide constant power to the gloves and control them.

Pros; Evenly spread heat. Incredibly comfortable.

Cons; Require a troller. Not extremely robust or tough.

8.Awowz Warming Gloves

Now those looking to spend a little more money on a pair of gloves the Awowz set is an excellent option. The Awowz are a very tough set of gloves designed for skiers and snowboarders, or any other winter sport. These gloves are an excellent option for camping and provide warmth for up to three hours and a hundred and thirteen degrees.

The Awowz runs off rechargeable batteries that do not require any separate device to use. The gloves are both waterproof and wind resistant, making them an excellent option for the ice fisher or the mountain land hunter. The Awowz features a faux leather design and heat both the palm and fingers evenly, with the fingers being the most important for dexterity. The Awowz are perfect for any winter situation, and excel at keeping your hands warm.

Pros; Comfortable. Evenly dispersed heat. Tough and reliable.

Cons; Expensive.

9.Columbia Men’s Bungalove Electric Gloves

For those wanting the mack daddy of electric warming gloves this pair by Columbia takes the cake. They are incredibly robust, warm, and made to conquer winter camping. Columbia has made camping goods for decades and these gloves meet their reputation perfectly. These gloves are made entirely of leather and the outer layer is waterproof. The leather is 100% goatskin and is made to be used in the roughest environments.

The gloves are heavily insulated and and omni heat electric with thermal reflective capability. The gloves extended past the hand go up the wrist about halfway up the forearm. The gloves are capable of retaining an electric charge for 2 to 4 hours depending on the setting and easy to use with a simple push button design. On top of that the insulation keeps the heat inside and the thermal reflective nature reflects the bodies natural heat. The Columbia Bungalove gloves are a premium design and come at a premium price though.

Pros; Extremely durable. Warm without the electric capability.

Cons; Expensive with a capital E. Heavy.

10.Cozy Feet

Okay this one is cheating. on a list of hand warmers I mention the Cozy Feet. I feel most of us who get cold hands get cold feet. Of course when sticking your feet in your boots on a winter morning is absolute torture. The Cozy feet device is a battery powered heated insole. A pair of leg straps conveniently hold the batteries outside of the boot.

Cozy feet insoles

Cozy feet insoles

The insoles are ultra thin and can fit in pair of boots or even shoes and provide about 6 hours of heat. They do get quite warm though and can become uncomfortable when moving rapidly or for an extended amount of time. I suggest swapping them before any activity that will raise body temperature.

Pros; Thin. Very warm. Good battery life

Cons; Can be uncomfortably hot. Battery compartment tends to slide when running.