Top Ten Ideas to Make Camping Fun (with Camping Gadgets)

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So you’ve decided to take the family camping, maybe this is the first time ever, or maybe you are camping experts. For the first timer you may be considering what you will have to do to keep the trip fun and enjoyable. For the expert camper you may be considering spicing the trip up, adding something new and interesting to the routine. Well we have the cool camping gadgets to add a little bit of fun for both the experts and the newbies, this list goes down in no particular order, but each gadget or gizmo is bound to add that extra little something.

Treasure Hunting

Now this is one for the whole family, and it can be done pretty much anywhere. Campsites are notorious for swallowing small valuables, and only giving them up to most intrepid of hunters. Hunting treasure is not always rewarding in terms of finds, but it’s the search, not that the find is always rewarding. So treasuring hunting 101, have something that finds treasure.

So a metal detector has always been quite useful for treasure hunting endeavors. The Garrett ACE 250 is a complete kit perfect for beginners, or expert hunters. The Garrett ACE 250 comes with a full on LED screen that shows things like target depth, battery life, and electronic pinpointing. The controls work with a simple one touch operation, and is a complete beginner’s set.

Garrett Ace 250

Garrett Ace 250

The Garrett ACE 250 comes with a treasure pouch, a digging tool, training dvd, arm strap, and the batteries to make it work. Treasure hunting is an exciting hobby that reveals everything from ancient Coke cans, to valuable coins, rings, necklaces, or antique silverware. Really the list of potential treasures is endless. The real treasure is the excitement of every beep, every detection, and every time that tool cuts through the dirt when searching for treasure.

Keeping Conversation

Do you remember the fun you could have with something as simple as a set of walkie talkies? As kids walkie talkies were ten times better than cell phones. We could play soldier, spy, cops, and robbers. Before cell phones were in every pocket, we had walkie talkies for fun. These days small electronics, and especially those made for communication, have become extremely capable devices.

Gone are the walkie talkies of yesterday with their 20 yard range, and terrible reception. These days radios like the Uniden brand are capable of sixteen miles of constant, clear, communication. These devices are programmable and have 22 channels, and come as a pair. Of course you can buy more than one set and be capable of linking 4, or 6, or 8, or however many you want on the same channel.

Uniden walkie talkies

Uniden walkie talkies

A set of walkie talkies can keep you and your family in constant communication on any adventure. They can add to games like hide and seek, scavenger hunts, or even hiking races. Walkie talkies also increases communication in the great outdoors, that lends itself to safety. You can let your kids explore without worrying about them, and being able to check on them over the radios with ease.

Extreme Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is the classic game that united a majority of us that always craved the perfect hiding place. Now playing in the dark always added an extra edge to the game, just a bit more excitement. Now imagine playing in the dark with a set of night vision optics.

Night vision has advanced in leaps and jumps in the last few years. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have propelled night vision technology and have also driven it’s price down substantially. These days someone can acquire a pair of gen 1 or gen 2 night vision for a little under 300 dollars, with the top of the line military sets going into the thousands. For the camper looking for something for an extreme game of adult hide and go seek, a pair of night vision really increases the fun factor.

For the great outdoors adventurer out there a night monocle like the Bushnell Equinox will allow you to watch wild game at night without some form of light to scare them off. Depending on the laws of each state a Bushnell Equinox will allow a whole new form of hunting for the bored sportsman. Hunting at night with a set of night vision is a whole new adventure for the old hand hunter.

Taking Pot Shots

Hunting is a fun sport, but shooting for recreation is a whole different story. If you can’t make it to a live range, or your camp doesn’t have a public range you can still get a bit of trigger time. A good air powered bb gun can give you a fair amount of practice, introduce kids and loved ones to gun safety, or just have the fun out shooting something.

The Smith and Wesson M&P airgun is modeled after the popular Smith and Wesson Military and Police model full sized pistol. The M&P air gun is licensed by Smith and Wesson and is induced with an extremely high level of quality.

The M&P Airgun is powered by a 12 gram c02 cartridge and is semi-automatic, the weapon feeds from a 19 round bb magazine and can be fired quite rapidly. What brings so much fun to this awesome little bb gun is the fact it can be fired rapidly, and accurately. The Smith and Wesson M&P bb gun is a blast to shoot and is safe for all members of the family. This little toy can be fired nearly anywhere is completely safe outside of poking your eye out Ralphie.

Nap Time

So what’s better than planning a ton of activities for the great outdoors? Planning absolutely none of them. Going to camping doesn’t have to involve anything more than a few good books, a few sodas, and long, refreshing naps. Let’s face it though, when we think about the beauty of the great outdoors we forget the fact that there are a few pesky beasts out there we tend to forget.

They take the form of mosquitoes, sand gnats, and biting flies. These pests will find you one way or another and they will terrorize you for no other reason than to ruin your trip. So your goal is to take a nap, and your problem is these fierce creatures trying to take a bit out of you. So what is your map to victory?

The Snugpak Jungle Hammock may be your secret weapon to the war on comfort and completing your nap ops. The Snugpak Jungle Hammock is a completely enclosed hammock, smaller, and lighter than a tent, and you are not forced to sleep on the ground. Hook it up to a couple of good trees and the hammock does all the work while you enjoy the latest James Patterson, Dean Koontz, or even the latest Meyer (I won’t judge.)

Building a Fire

Let’s be honest, down somewhere deep in all of us is a natural firebug. It’s fun to burn stuff, of course burning stuff needs to be done in a safe manner, that follows any camp or park rules. The highlight of camping for me as a kid was making a fire. A fire led to a variety of different options when it came to camping, everything from slowing burning sticks as we poked the fire, or roasting marshmallows, and making smores. Fires are fun.

Let’s add something new to the fire game. Most people don’t realize the options out there for creating an awesome fire. Believe it or not, there is plenty of them. You can change the color of your fire with a variety of different crystal concoctions. The Mystical Fire Campfire colorant packets are small crystal based substances that can add a new spark to your fire.

Mystical Fire Campfire colorant

Mystical Fire Campfire colorant

These packets change the color of your fire and add a certain degree of color to it. In fact you are going to get several different colors, including blue, green, yellow, purple, and red. These add just a splash of color to an otherwise boring old fire. The Mystical Fire Campfire colorant is a surprise to the unsuspecting spouse, kids, or guest to taking a camp fire to the next level of awesome.

Having a Drink

Away from the kids for a weekend? Trading the wild indoors of a few kids for the quiet outdoors and a few beverages? Perhaps you don’t have kids, but have a circle of friends who need a little extra convincing to go camping with you. Well knocking back a few drinks around a campfire, or in the tent may just be the necessary push you need to make a successful camping trip go round.

The GSI Vortex sound high tech, but in fact it’s the complete opposite. The GSI Vortex is a hand operated blender designed to make everything from margaritas, to smoothies. Capable of producing 1.5 liters of awesome the GSI Vortex produces an excellent blended drink if you are willing to work the crank.

GSI Vortex Blender

GSI Vortex Blender

Just a bit of time will give you that perfect first drink of the evening, and that delicious liquid (healthy) breakfast. The hand blender is also capable of creating everything from homemade icees to perfectly pureed fruits and vegetables.

Get Your Grill On

Grilling is a great American tradition, and it has been a classic of 4th of July, summer, and every other extended weekend we have the freedom to enjoy. Grilling is also a camping tradition, and while some may get by with dehydrated camping food, those of us looking to preserve an American tradition choose to grill.

So packing a grill may be a bit bulky to pack along. Let’s face it, it’s not exactly compact and most grills are a bit difficult to ferry around. So you can buy a camping grill that just sits over the fire and cooks your meat, because every camp needs a fire. Yeah you can do that, or you can buy the Grill, and I mean thee grill.

The Texsport Rotisserie and spit grill is the grill to mount over a fire. This large, stainless, steel grill is capable of cooking half a dozen hamburgers, while cooking a full blown chicken (or two) on the rotisserie. This grill can be set up in about a minute, and be cooking on in about five more. The Texasport is a champ in the field of feeding the hungry camper, and keeping bellies full in general. It’s easy as making a campfire, and tossing this bad boy on top.

Go For a Swim

Personally as a kid we camped a lot of Florida’s west coast. Here I did all the traditional camping activities an interesting added activity of snorkeling. In reality what is the difference between taking a camping trip and going on a diving trip? Semantics mostly, unless you are sleeping in a boat, which I don’t advise making a fire.

So you are going for a swim? How about taking a few pictures? Sure an underwater camera is cool, and they work pretty decently, but taking a picture is a bit hard when you can barely see what you’re photographing. With the Liquid Image explorer things are a bit different. These are a set of goggles, and snorkel that allow you to take a picture of whatever you’re looking at with crystal clear precision. The camera is built into the goggles, and with 5 mega pixels you can take a variety of pictures at whatever you are looking at. This awesome set of goggles is a real game changer for taking pictures of everything from simple nature observation to spear fishing, and dynamic tourism.

Playing Games

Let’s face it some days camping is going to be a bust. It can rain, snow, or be so hot out that it’s just not near as fun as it could b. On these days you still have to have a method of entertaining the family, lest they get a bad taste for the word camping itself.

A tablet works wonders for multi media entertainment. You can pack movies, music, apps, and games on them without much effort. Since you’re still in the great outdoors you have to have a tablet that keeps tough. The Wild Game Innovation Trail tablet come outfitted with a factory tough case surrounding the main body. The tablet comes with a kryptek finish, 8 gb internal storage, a 7 inch screen and wifi capability.

The Wild Game Innovation trail tablet is perfect for those rainy days that your average tablet simply won’t last. The built in external case keeps the internals protected by nature, and the multimedia device is capable of keeping a family entertained no matter the condition of the supposed great outdoors.