Toshiba Mini NB305-N600

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The Toshiba mini NB305-N600 is the successor of the successful NB305-N410 and it brings a lot of changes regarding the hardware specifications but first let’s start talking about its design. It weighs 2.8 pounds which makes it lighter than the HP dm1z which has a curb weight of 3.5 lbs and also lighter than the Lenovo ThinkPad X120e.

Usually, the design of a netbook is an afterthought, but in this case we’re dealing with an exception since it comes with a stylish aluminum brushed top which makes it more alluring than the two other netbooks we’ve mentioned.

Toshiba mini NB305-N600 (Source:

Toshiba mini NB305-N600 (Source:

It comes with a 10-inch widescreen display that has a native resolution of 1,024 x 600, which is the standard nowadays among low-cost netbooks, while more premium models have adopted a 720p display. The low resolution of this Toshiba mini cuts off web pages and forms, which means that you will be doing a lot of scrolling. The Samsung NF310-A01 and the HP 5103 have the same screen size but they come with a 1,366 x 768-pixel resolution which offer more screen real estate, making them more suitable for websites and long office documents.

As far as the keyboard is concerned, it is the same one you will find on the predecessor, the mini NB305-N410, which is a full-size unit that seems to be quite comfortable. The touchpad is of generous size and comes with large mouse buttons that are easy to use.

Feature-wise, we should mention the absence of an HDMI port, a feature that you will find on bigger 11-inch netbooks like the Lenovo X120e and the HP dm1z. You only get VGA out with this Toshiba mini NB305-N600, along with an SD slot, three USB 2.0 ports, a webcam, Ethernet port, and a 250GB hard drive spinning at 5,400 rpm.

Toshiba mini NB305-N600 (Source:

Toshiba mini NB305-N600 (Source:

While the predecessor had an Intel Atom processor, the new model adopts an AMD APU E-350 clocked at 1.60 GHz which although isn’t very powerful, it manages to be considerably quicker during multitasking in comparison to the single-core Atom.

This netbook from Toshiba has been fitted with a 48WH battery that manages to last for six and a half hours during a test in MobileMark 2007. The HP dm1z and the 5103 come with bigger batteries which allow the systems to run for 7:08 and 8:40, respectively.

All things considered, those of you who on the look for an excellent typing experience, solid battery life and nice features, this can be the mini laptop to get. For $60-70 more you can get the dm1z from HP which has a higher display resolution, more features and performances similar to those you will be able to get from a full-size, entry-level laptop.