Weekly Two Way Radio Deals & Memorial Day Discounts

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Whether to stay in touch with your family or friends during road trip, Two-way radios are a great way to help keep in contact with your family with out relying on your cell phones.

Whether you’re gearing up for summer road trips or upcoming memorial day trip or going shopping in a shopping mall, two way radios are a essential communication device to keep touch with your family

Digital nerds has the huge collection of two way radios and offers weekly deals which helps you save big on your next two way radio purchase. Check out these great savings on some popular two way radio models, available now through this coming holiday weekend and on towards next week.

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We’ve got two way radio bundles, we’ve got coupon codes, and we’ve got unbeatable prices. So keep reading to find out more about our Memorial Day deals. Just remember, these deals only run for limited time till the stocks are available, so don’t delay! Grab yourself a great deal today.

MOTOROLA MT352R 35-Mile Talk about 2-Way Radios 4 Pack bundle $10 off

Here’s why MT352R 4 pack deal is so good:

The MT352R model two way radio has been weatherproofed. This means that you can use it in all weather (including dust) and not have to worry about the device ceasing to function properly in the middle of your communication.

If you are looking for two way radio/walkie talkie which has the twice the amount of battery charge when you are going for hunting, hiking or camping, this two radio deal is for you. The volume is pretty great on these radios as well. It is loud and clear, even at some of the lower volumes. That is a breath of fresh air for an industry that usually thinks that “moderate volume” means you have to turn the volume knob to 11.There is an LED flashlight included on the bottom of the unit. The units come with a single AC adapter that has a split end so that you can use the same adapter to charge both units. With the very sturdy build and the long talking range, it is perfect for a wide variety of outdoor situations. This bundled two way radio option is very good if you are going out in a group.

Motorola MT352R Two Way Radio Front

Motorola MT352R Two Way Radio Front

MOTOROLA MT352R 35-Mile Talk about 2-Way Radios 2 Pack $5 Off

If you are looking for just two radios, then we have the $5 deal on the MOTOROLA MT352R 35-Mile Talk about radios.

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MIDLAND GXT2050VP4 36-Mile Camo GMRS Radio Pair Pack with Drop-in Charger, Rechargeable Li-Poly Batteries & Headsets $5 Off

Loaded with features, the Midland GXT2050VP4 two-way four pack makes an excellent add-on to your outdoor or emergency kit. This rapid-charging two-way set allows you to keep in touch with your party and assists to keep you safe, with useful functions like SOS, NOAA weather alerts, and a long range. The Midland GXT2050VP4 boasts an Extreme Lithium polymer battery pack and thanks to its backlit display, you can comfortably use this Midland 2050 model in darkness. When your hands are engaged, operate the Midland GXT2050VP4 hands-free. With eVOX technology, you’ve got 9 differing degrees of hands-free operation so you can keep in touch with your team while your hands remain unencumbered.

Please use the coupon code digitalnerds5

Here’s what’s in the box of MIDLAND GXT2050VP4:

4 Midland GXT2050VP4 two-way radios
4 Belt clips
4 Standard headsets
4 Midland AVPH3 transparent security headsets
4 Extreme Lithium Polymer Battery Packs
2 AC adapters
2 DC adapters
2 Owner’s manuals

Motorola Talkabout Two way Radio Walkie Talkie MD200TPR FRS/GMRS 6 pack $10 off.

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The Motorola MD200TPR is a great solution to your backpacking and unexpected emergency communication demands. Lightweight, durable, and reliable, its low cost point is an added benefit to what has proved to be one of the very most trusted and dependable two way radios on the market. With all the inclusion of a third radio, you can’t go wrong. No matter whether you need the radio on your camping, around the neighborhood, or within your emergency preparedness plan, this can be the perfect radio set for you. With a lower price point, you don’t have to bother about them dropping and damaging the unit. The fact that you really can get three at any given time is an additional bonus.

Motorola Talkabout Two way Radio Walkie Talkie MD200TPR FRS/GMRS 6 Pack

Motorola Talkabout Two way Radio Walkie Talkie MD200TPR FRS/GMRS 6 Pack

Included pieces with Motorola Talkabout Two way Radio Walkie Talkie MD200TPR:

  • Six 2-way radios
  • 2 NiMH 1,300mAh battery packs
  • 2 Y charging adapter with 2 connectors
  • 2 Charging cable with single connector
  • 6 belt clips

There you go – that’s our Memorial Day weekly deals roundup. We’ve got some pretty impressive two way radio /Walkie Talkie Deals, and with bundles you can’t find anywhere else, and the coupon codes, the deals offers impressive value.